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Ma Williams Manufactured and Modular Homes, Manufactured Homes  Dealers, Hemet, CA


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Models & Floor Plans

 "Ma" Williams proudly offers Silvercrest  Skyline  and Hallark homes. Each of these top quality manufacturers has many different sizes and styles of manufactured and modular homes to choose from. We have many models on display. Our homes range from 500 to more than 3,600 square feet. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the home of your dreams.

Regardless of your budget, "Ma" Williams has a manufactured or modular home you can afford. The pricing of our homes start at prices under $60,000. Click on the links below to explore all the different choices available, and to find out which manufactured home is right for you.

We have grouped our homes below by manufactured home builder, modular plans available, lot infill plans for inner city development, back yard homes for second unit projects, as well as high, moderate and low priced homes if you are looking for a specific price range.

Please come in and walk through our numerous models on display at our sales center in Hemet. We also have helped many customers complete their custom home development and have interior and exterior pictures to help you with the design and architectural enhancements that you may want to include for your home.

Find out more about Silvercrest's Exclusive 7 Year Warranty!

Silvercrest Manufactured Homes

  • The Corona facilities production line contains 28 stations and covers more than 5 acres under one roof. Manufactured home model sizes may range from 1000 sq. ft. for a vacation home to over 3,600 sq. ft. for Manor Estate Series custom homes.
  • Trademarks of the Silvercrest Manor Estate Series of homes include 10' high volume ceilings, custom architectural features, handsome cabinetry and stacked windows. "Ma’s" Prices for Silvercrest manufactured homes range from the low $60,000s for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
  • Silvercrest developed "Backyard Homes" for many current homeowners interested in improving their property value by adding a second unit home.
  • Silvercrest's home warranty program is comprised of a 1 year Factory Warranty and an additional 6 year Silver Shield Warranty * Details on both warranties can be found at http://silvercrest.com/Warranty.asp.

    Skyline Manufactured and Modular Homes

  • Skyline builds both manufactured and modular homes. Since 1951, they have offered well constructed homes that are affordable for mid-range customers. Skylines has a reputation for excellent customer service ranking right up there with companies such as Lexus and Dell Computers, (See chart)
  • According to The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes, Skyline is "a stable well-capitalized company" that is distinguished from its competition by "excellent construction in well-run factories, superior finish work, (a) well-established reputable dealer network, and superior warranty."
  • Manufacturing defects reported to Skyline within 15 months after original retail delivery by an authorized dealer will be corrected without charge and within a reasonable time. See more specifics about Skyline’s 15 month warranty at http://www.skylinehomes.com/quality.php?type=no-nonsense-warranty.
  • "Ma’s" prices for Skyline homes range from the high $60,000s for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 section home.
  • Backyard Floor Plans

    In September 2002, California Assembly Bill AB 1866 was passed, which requires local agencies to permit second dwelling units in residential zones without discretionary action. The purpose of the law is to increase California’s supply of affordable housing in response to a perceived housing crisis in many areas of the state.

    Silvercrest has developed several choices of alternative floor plans specifically for this purpose. Silvercrest’s Backyard Homes are built to meet or exceed HUD Building Codes and local foundation requirements. All floor plans comply with Energy Star requirements and meet the maximum (Zone 4) seismic regulations.

    Skyline and Hallmark also offer floor plans that provide reasonably-priced alternatives to Silvercrest’s Backyard Home. All factories provide options for exterior elevation, siding, and roofing materials to match your existing home. A variety of interior decor selections are available, including cabinetry, countertop, and floor covering. All of these manufactured homes are delivered to your site and installed on permanent foundations by authorized contractors.

    Modular Floor Plans

    Skyline and Hallmark both offer Modular Floor Plans which start at just under $100,000 for a 1,400 square-foot home.

    Skyline has available any of their existing manufactured home floor plans in a modular version. Skyline has also built custom one of a kind modular homes if your needs are more particular.

    Any Modular home purchased from "Ma" Williams through either Hallmark or Skyline, will be a true "Modular" home and not a "Hudular". Financial institutions don't distinguish between modular homes and site builts for value, unless the modular home is built as a "Hudular home*". It is very important for value and financing purposes that if you decide on purchasing a modular home, it is a TRUE modular home (OFF FRAME)! *-Hudular Homes are built to International Building Code (IBC); however, they are built "on frame" same as manufactured homes.

    Lot In Fill Floor Plans

    Silvercrest has five lines of manufactured homes that were designed specifically for smaller lots rather than larger properties: the Two-Story, Courtyard Estate, Entry Level, Good Neighbor, and Multi-Family Series.

    These series provide many features that allow the home to blend in with established neighborhood architecture. The Courtyard Estate, Entry Level and Good Neighbor Series all offer "garagable" floor plans where the home is specifically designed for attached garages off the front of the home. The Two-Story Series increases the square footage by building up rather than out, which provides a great pricing advantage for lots that don’t accommodate a larger single-story floor plan. The Multi-Family Series is a great way for an investor to increase profits by taking advantage of properties specifically zoned for multi-units. The Lexington Series was developed by Skyline as the "lot in-fill" segment of the manufactured home industry began to expand and flourish.

    The Lexington Series provides standard "Garagable" floor plans with foundation ready flooring systems designed specifically for residential lots at affordable prices.

    Expensive Homes

    All manufactured homes offer a great price advantage compared to site built homes. The quality construction and residential esthetics makes these homes well known among buyers, building contractors, lenders, and appraisers alike.

    Moderately Priced Homes

    Most of the homes we carry fall into this category. Manufactured homes such as the high-end Skyline and the mid-range Silvercrest offer the best value for a home intended to be architecturally pleasing to the eye as well as easy on the budget.

    Low Priced Homes

    Of course, manufactured homes were originally designed to provide home buyers with an affordable alternative to site-built homes and offer a feasible substitute to throwing your money away by renting. Many of the low priced homes we offer are smaller in size but still provide a great value when placed on private property on permanent foundations.

    Models on Display

    "Ma" Williams sales center is in Hemet, California. We have many models available for you to look through at your leisure. Many of these models are also on sale at substantial discounts.

    Our models offer unique features to enhance the look of the home. We have models with front porches, built in appliances, corian countertops, custom fireplaces, tile floors, and much more.

    Please come and take a look for yourself and don't forget to ask about the thousands of dollars you can save by purchasing one of our models on display!

    Used Homes Available

    Ma Williams has been selling used homes for 40 years! Many companies call us to take pull-outs and we take the best ones! This means you get the best used homes available for the best price for the best price. The price of used homes is for home only. Homes can go quickly so please call us to make sure the home you are interested in is still available.


    The Hallmark-Southwest Home brings a wide range of value to the home buyer searching for the perfect home: craftsmanship, customization, and a wide range of features including their net-zero energy efficiency options. They also put many standard features into their homes that other factories only offer as optional upgrades.



    Ma Williams Manufactured Homes
    35325 Hwy 74
    Hemet, CA 92545
    Phone: (951) 325-4713
    Fax: (951) 926-9622
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