When you think of affordable housing for your family, think Ma Williams. Homes from Ma Williams are not just affordable; they are comfortable, attractively-designed, energy-efficient structures where you’ll be proud to live with your family. Whether you wish to build a manufactured home or a second home on your rural property, a modular home in the heart of a city, or plan to purchase your home and land at the same time, Ma Williams makes the process as smooth and worry-free as possible.

The Land/Home Package

The “Land/Home Package” typically refers to manufactured homes on permanent foundations placed on private property. These projects are afforded excellent terms for financing and will appreciate in value (like site-built homes) primarily because they are affixed to the property. The homes are built to a preemptive HUD code in a controlled environment and inspected daily; this code also sets performance standards for the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. Since this means all city or county building departments within the state have little to say as to how the homes are built, other than fire and sight specific requirements, our customers save a lot of time, money and hassle throughout the construction process.

Here’s how it works:

If there is a loan, the cost for the following is accounted for prior to the appraisal: the price of the home and all factory options, the property costs or balances owed, if any, and all site costs including county or city development fees and any and all requirements per governing agencies.

After the property is found and the appraisal complete, with all costs accounted for, the construction loan can fund, which will allow your contractor to pull permit. Once permits are issues we can build your home. Your custom home will sit proudly on the lot of your choice, and can be financed through any source you choose (FHA, VA, CONVENTIONAL).

The Backyard Home/2nd Unit

Backyard Models and Floor PlansWith the high prices on homes in Southern California, there is growing demand for second-unit homes located on private property. These can be a place for your parents to enjoy their retirement, or for your grown children who want a place of their own. Some property owners rent these second homes, which become an additional source of monthly income. California state law encourages local building departments to be flexible with residents interested in placing a second unit on their property, so the financing and construction process with Ma Williams is just as efficient as it would be for a primary residence.


Lot In Fill Homes - Ma Williams Manufactured HomesUrban “Lot-In-Fills” are for those of you who prefer the city life. Technological advances are allowing manufactured or modular homes to offer a wide variety of architectural styles and exterior finishes that will suit any buyer’s needs, while allowing the homes to blend seamlessly into most any neighborhood. Two story and single-family attached homes (duplexes) are but two of the new styles being generated by factory-built innovation.

The most important decision customers must make with this purchase is whether to opt for having a standard home built on site, or a custom manufactured or modular home built in a factory and transported to the site. Either way you’ll have a beautiful home. With a Ma Williams manufactured or modular home, you can save as much as 10-35% per square foot compared to site-built homes.