Will Tomorrow’s Modular Homes Emerge From A Printer?

Among the benefits of modular homes are the convenience, efficiency, environmental responsibility and cost-savings incurred in their construction.

It seems like it would be difficult to improve upon this building method, but a company in the Ukraine called PassivDom may have figured out a way to do so.

The company recently announced that it has designed a fully autonomous house from modules that are created with a 3D printer. PassivDom claims the home can be set up in just one day.

And that’s just the beginning. The house requires no plumbing or pipes, as it can generate its own electricity and power, and produces zero carbon emissions. Solar panels provide the energy needed to run the household.

People still tend to think of printers like copy machines, reproducing the same items over and over. But the modular design of the PassivDom home allows for variations in size and shape. Just pick the design you like, press ‘print’ and there’s your house.

Is this the wave of the future? It’s far too early to tell. But the possibilities are certainly fascinating.