The Growing Popularity of Back Yard Homes

For decades part of the American dream was to own a house with a back yard. Today, more families are taking advantage of a different opportunity – a back yard with a house.

Whether it’s the unsettled economy or the way our domestic culture is evolving, these days more extended families are living together. And not every home can accommodate parents, kids, grandparents and grandkids under one roof.

The manufactured housing industry offers a solution – back yard homes.

These dwellings, also called secondary living units, have proven particularly popular here in California, where the cost of housing is so high that it becomes more economical to expand the living space on land you already own.

Back yard homes are smaller – typically 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. The Silvercrest models offered by Ma Williams are as beautiful inside and out as the company’s larger manufactured homes.

With an array of siding and roofing options available, a secondary dwelling can be built to resemble the main dwelling on the property, or sport its own unique look. Inside, residents can enjoy many of the same upscale cabinet, countertop and floor covering options of Silvercrest’s top models.

These are quality homes inside and out. And for extended families it’s a way for young couples that can’t afford their own separate residence to move out of their parents’ home and enjoy a greater level of privacy and independence. For adults with aging parents, a back yard home provides a way for those used to living on their own to continue to do so, while also having family members close by in case of an emergency.

A Ma Williams representative would be happy to discuss the many back yard home options available. In the meantime you can check out some of the floor plans for Silvercrest models here.