Home Décor: Paint or Wallpaper?

Tired of eggshell white on your walls? Then perhaps it’s time to consider something more eye-catching.

You could repaint, of course, this time with a more vibrant color, or opt for wallpaper instead.

Tough decision? Here are some guidelines that might help you make the right choice.

When to Paint

What kind of room are we talking about? Is it one that’s already eye-catching because of the floor covering or furnishings, with lots of colors and textures blended for maximum impact? If so, patterned wallpaper might be overkill.

Want to get the job done faster? Painting takes less preparation time than wallpaper.

Looking to save money? While wallpaper is available in a wide range of prices, getting something that looks great and will last a long time will likely cost more than a few gallons of paint. You’ll also need to purchase more additional supplies if you’re hanging the paper yourself.

Is the room in question a bathroom or kitchen? If so, it’s possible that areas with a lot of moisture from sinks or showers could cause wallpaper to peel. Go with paint.

When to Paper

Want to go bold? Wallpaper comes in thousands of patterns and color combinations. You may have to search through a lot of those oversized books but eventually you’re bound to find the perfect solution to create a vivacious living space.

Looking to create a more tranquil space? The right wallpaper can actually do that too. A larger room can appear more intimate and cozy with darker paper.

Do you have lots of kids (or messy adults)? Wallpaper is more durable than paint, and it’s easier to clean. Dirty spots are easily wiped off – try that with some paints and it might leave a shiny spot behind.

Whichever you choose, we’d love to see the result! Share a photo of your room makeover on our Facebook page