Rates Slashed on FHA Mortgages: Now Is the Time to Buy and Save

Good news for anyone considering a manufactured home purchase in 2023: The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), has announced a 30-basis-point reduction to the annual mortgage insurance premiums (annual MIP) charged to homebuyers who obtain an FHA-insured mortgage.

The MIP will be reduced from 0.85% to 0.55% for most homebuyers seeking an FHA-insured mortgage, including those purchasing a manufactured home. It is available on all eligible loan-to-value ratios, and all eligible base loan amounts.

What Does It Mean?

On average, it means families will save an average of $800 annually. Given the recent increases in mortgage rates, that type of savings is most welcome.

Who Qualifies

You qualify if you are a new FHA borrower seeking a base home loan amount of $726,200 or less. For borrowers able to make a down payment of 10% or more, MIP expires after 11 years, and the cost will dip from .80% to .50%.

When Does It Happen?

For FHA loans, the lower rates are effective as of March 20. For VA loans, the savings is available for any transaction that closes after April 7.

And here’s more good news: late last year, FHA changed its underwriting policies to now allow lenders to consider a positive rental history in considering an applicant’s creditworthiness for an FHA-insured mortgage. If you’ve been paying your rent on time consistently up until now, your chances of qualifying for an FHA loan just got even better.

All of this means it’s a great time to buy, and at Ma Williams we could not be prouder of the quality of our homes. It’s why we are always pleased to explain that ‘manufactured’ no longer means ‘mobile home,’ and that ‘factory-built’ should not be viewed as a disadvantage. With dozens of floor plans and sizes available, you can now find a perfect new home that suits the way you live now. So when you’re ready, or even if you’re just curious, why not stop in and talk to a Ma Williams representative? We pride ourselves on making the buying process as easy as possible, and thanks to these FHA rate cuts, you can now save hundreds on the purchase of your dream home.