Modular Home Trend: Assisted Living Modular Units

If you look at any analysis of how Americans are living today, you’ll discover that the trend is toward multiple generations of families living together.

Whether it’s young adults returning to the home where they grew up after graduating college, or seniors moving in with their kids, these days you may see as many as three or even four generations under the same roof.

Togetherness can be nice. It can also be crowded.

That’s why an increasing number of modular homeowners are looking into adding a second structure on their property. This has two significant benefits – everyone gets more comfortable living space, and the second home can be selected and modified to fit the specific lifestyle of its residents.

According to the website Modular Home Builder, more than 23 million elderly, disabled and mentally challenged people rely on family members to enjoy a satisfying life. That has led several modular homebuilders to offer smaller residences, sometimes known as “granny pods.” These are 1- or 2-bedroom units with features designed for special needs, from ADA kitchen and baths to communication sensors if someone needs help.

If this is something you might need now or in the future, Ma Williams can help. We know the conditions that must be met and legal restrictions on such second homes, and can help you through the buying and permitting process. We are licensed contractors (both A1 and B1) and have the experience and know-how to help you accurately determine the costs for developing your property, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises along the way.

California state law encourages local building departments to be flexible with residents interested in placing a second unit on their property, so the financing and construction process with Ma Williams is just as efficient as it would be for a primary residence.

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