Flexible and Fantastic: The Benefits of a Modular Home

What is a modular home? There is a specific definition we’ll cover in a bit; but first and foremost, it is a home. It is a place to raise a family, and cook Thanksgiving dinner, and show off to your friends when they come over to visit. Inside and out, it looks like the kind of place where people would be proud to live.

It’s called a modular home because it is put together differently than a traditional site-built dwelling. It is comprised of components, or modular units, that are assembled in a factory and then transported by truck to the site where it will stand. Once the components arrive they can be assembled in just a few days.

If it’s built from components, does that place any limitations on size or layout? Not as many as you might think. There are modular homes of more than 4,000 square feet, one and two story models, and some flexibility is available in floor plans for those who wish to customize the model to fit their needs.

Best of all, modular homes cost as much as 10-25% less than the price of a comparably sized house built the old-fashioned way. That means tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

So the size is right, the look is right and the price is right, but what about the quality?

Good news – it’s there. Construction methods are sound and responsible, and frames are reinforced for strength and stability. Power and water and gas work the same as they would in any home. Plus the building process is less wasteful and more eco-friendly. Before you even move in, you’ve lowered your carbon footprint.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. If you are considering a move into a modular or manufactured home, our team can provide any information you need and show you the beautiful and customizable models available from the top providers. There are a lot of manufacturers out there but we only work with the best, because that is what our customers deserve.