The Cities We Serve: Nuevo

If you really want to get away from it all, have we got a place for you.

It’s a town called “Nuevo,” which means “new” in Spanish. But there’s not much that’s new here outside of the manufactured homes going up for Ma Williams customers.

This unincorporated area of Riverside County consists of just 6.8 square miles, and there were less than 6,500 residents as of the last census. But if you ever visit, you’ll realize that there is plenty of room to grow. The surrounding fields seem to go on for miles, because they do, right out to the distant rolling peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Why would this be a great place to move? Here are three reasons:

1. Getting Away From Politics

Tired of all the drama and tension that emanates from elected officials? Since Nuevo is unincorporated, there is no mayor and no city council.

2. You Prefer the Quiet Life

Oh, it’s quiet here. There are not many entertainment options outside of enjoying the beauty of wide-open spaces. If you’ve spent too many years sitting in congested L.A. traffic or waiting 45 minutes for a table at a restaurant, you’ll never have to worry about either one again.

3. Lower Cost of Living

Not many people know about Nuevo yet, and still more may not wish to relocate to such a remote area. As a result, the cost of land here is lower, the cost of living is lower, and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect spot for your new Ma Williams home.

Sound intriguing? If you are ever in the market for a manufactured home in Nuevo, let Ma Williams help you find the perfect home in the perfect location.