Last year, more manufactured homes sold than in any previous year since 2009.

Sales had been rising steadily since that time – 49,000 in 2009, 50,000 in 2010, 51,000 in 2011 – but something special happened last year, as sales topped 81,100 homes, up more than 10,000 from the previous year.

These numbers, taken from statistics compiled on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), represent a 15% jump in manufactured home sales in just one year.

What the numbers don’t tell us are why more people are now considering and buying manufactured homes – but we have a pretty good idea.

It starts with quality. Perhaps, at last, we’re moving past the old ‘mobile home/trailer’ images that too many people still associate with today’s modern, large and attractive manufactured home options. Just check out some of the designs and floor plans from the manufacturers Ma Williams is proud to represent to see how big and beautiful these homes are.

Price is likely a factor as well. According to HUD, the average price of a new stick-built home in 2016 was $384,000. Manufactured homes of equal square footage featuring many of the same amenities can be acquired at a much lower price point. Now, affordable housing doesn’t have to mean settling for less.

Finally, the acquisition process can be made easier as well, especially if you have Ma Williams at your side. Sure, there are plenty of questions that must be considered – Do you have the land, or do you need to find a spot for your new home? What kinds of mortgages are you qualified to receive? How long will it take for your new home to be completed?

We’ll help you at every phase, step by step, explaining options and answering questions. Visit our Testimonials page to read what our customers had to say about the buying process.

And when you’re done, if you think a manufactured home is right for you, we hope you’ll contact us soon.