Do Manufactured Homes Depreciate in Value? The Answer

There are many misconceptions about manufactured homes that sadly still surface among our customers. One of the most common is that a manufactured home does not appreciate in value the way a site-build home would.

But that is simply not true. Recent studies, including a pilot report put out by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, prove what we’ve known all along – manufactured homes do retain value in a very similar fashion to site-built homes.

Every home should be an investment, not just in the safety, security and comfort of your family, but also as an asset that can be leveraged if needed at a later date. Of course, the state of the overall economy and that of any particular area, how well a home is maintained, and other factors will always contribute to its base value. But if you compared two homes of the same approximate size in the same condition and in the same neighborhood, one manufactured and one site-built, they will increase in value at approximately the same rate over the same number of years.

One of the primary reasons this happens depends on whether the home is placed on fee simple real estate and put on a permanent foundation. And that’s the only kind of home you’ll receive from Ma Williams. When that happens the home becomes part of the real estate, and that allows the entire property to be able to obtain real estate mortgage financing rates.

So if you’re looking for a bigger home to accommodate a growing family, or a smaller home now that the kids have grown up and moved away, why not take a look at what today’s manufactured homes have to offer? Ma Williams works with some of the top manufacturers in the industry, featuring a wide array of floor plans and all the special features you need to turn a house into a loving home.

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