Corian Quality – Standard in Your Manufactured Home

We all associate certain brands with quality. The companies that accomplish this special standing have done so by surpassing the expectations of customers for decades.

In manufactured homes, both Skyline and Silvercrest have achieved this exalted status. And in kitchen and bath counter-tops, the name everyone knows and respects is Corian. That’s why these sleek and durable surfaces are part of the standard package in the home you purchase from Ma Williams.

Why is Corian so sought-after? Just the look and feel of it is usually enough to answer that question. Since 1967, the company has produced smooth and beautiful surfaces in a variety of styles and colors that accentuate the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom.

What you don’t see in a Corian surface is grout – those chalky lines between the shiny tile that always get dirty and are hard to clean. Since Corian is seamless and non-porous, it is also more hygienic because it is less susceptible to holding on to dirt and bacteria.

And while these counter-tops may look like something that requires a fancy polish to maintain, they can actually be cleaned with any store-bought product.

Beneath the surface, Corian is encompassed with industry leading low embodied carbon levels that also contribute to their status as quality-designed products that last.

At most site-built homes you’ll pay extra for Corian beauty and luxury. But not at Ma Williams. Stop in today and find out more about all the outstanding features and amenities that come with our manufactured homes – at a cost that’s less than you might expect.

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