Be Proud of Your Manufactured Home

There are a lot of interesting things happening in the manufactured home industry right now – and all of them bode well for those living in manufactured homes, or considering a purchase.

For one thing, the image of the industry and its homes continues to improve, to the point where mainstream media publications are now singing the praises of manufactured homes as an affordable alternative for seniors and first time buyers.

It also helps that customer satisfaction has been high, which leads to positive word of mouth. Read some of the testimonials on our site to see what homeowners are saying about the homes themselves, the great value, and the many financing options.

There is still some work to be done on that last category – we recognize the mortgage loan and zoning issues that sadly still exist. But we also have been in this business long enough to help our customers find the best way through any potential hurdles, so they can secure the home of their dreams.

Manufactured homes are also attracting attention from people outside their usual markets. We’ve mentioned seniors and first time homeowners, but today more families are moving from site-built homes into manufactured homes, and these residences are now on the radar of young professionals and families with two or three generations living under one roof.

This is especially noticeable here in California, where so many people would love to live. As another winter approaches, thousands of Americans in the East and Midwest will dig out their cars from another heavy snowfall, and wish they could live in sunny California, if only the prices of homes were not so high.

In the past, manufactured homes would never have crossed their minds – because they were associated with trailers and trailer parks. Today, because of the increased industry attention and the quality and creativity of available floor plans, those wishing to head west can make that move in a way that is affordable to them.

Factory-built housing now sells more than 1 million units every year. Would you like to make it one million and one? Here’s the place to start.