Farm-Fresh: A Great Look For Your Manufactured Home

From busy cities to quiet suburbs to rural areas with wide-open spaces, it seems like homeowners everywhere are embracing the farmhouse style.

There are a lot of theories for why this trend has caught on, but one we like is that it reflects a desire to return to kinder, simpler times.

If you’d like to transform your manufactured home into a manufactured farm home, here are some great ways to get started.

Farmhouse Sinks and Tables

These are items that most lovers of this style consider must-haves for their kitchens. The sink is bigger and deeper than a standard sink, and usually consists of one big bowl rather than two bowls side-by-side. A wood farmhouse table is one that looks old and rustic, where the dents and knots are seen as decorative rather than flaws.

Open Shelves

Farmhouse homes have open shelving in the kitchen, as well as in bedrooms and family rooms. As with many decorative features, the shelves are white, adding additional brightness to the décor. That same look should carry over into the cabinets – and if you really want to go the distance, match it with white wood planked walls.

Sliding Barn Doors

Replace your regular doors with sliding doors. Fancy them up with a paint job and vintage metal tracks.


Lighting that has a country style is the perfect match for a farmhouse look. Lanterns are among the most popular options.

Rugs, Not Carpet

Braided rugs, in muted colors, made from jute, sisal or wool bring a dash of the farm into any room, especially when they are laid over hardwood floors.


Farms are all about nature, so you’ll want to bring some of the great outdoors into your home. A green wreath on the door, fresh cut boughs, flowers as a centerpiece, jars of herbs – let your imagination lead you to the ideal decorative touch.

Vintage Accents

Burlap, mason jars, ironstone, country quilts, wire baskets, wood bowls – choose the accents you like and let them complete your look.

Porch Comfort

If your manufactured home has a front porch, a pair of wooden rocking chairs or a porch swing will make the space more country-fied – not to mention more inviting.

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