2020: The Year of the ADU?

Happy New Year from Ma Williams!

As we begin a new year, one of the trends we’re seeing in our industry is a significant increase in accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

These smaller dwellings, also known as guest houses or granny flats, have always been around, but haven’t “gone mainstream” until recently. The change is a result, in part, of new California state regulations that removed several restrictions on these properties.

With that green light from the government, manufactured home providers are stepping up their game by delivering attractive, upscale ADUs with features and amenities that rival larger factory-built homes.  

Another factor in the ADU trend is how families in the 21st century are staying together longer. Even with a better economy and solid job numbers, many college graduates are not immediately entering the workforce. With an ADU, the parents who had looked forward to becoming empty-nesters can still convert junior’s bedroom into a home gym, while giving him a place to live until that dream job materializes.

Likewise, couples with older parents or in-laws can keep their loved ones closer to home, while also offering them a sense of privacy and independence in their own living space.

Add to that the housing deficit in many parts of Southern California, and the ever-increasing cost of residential property, and it’s not hard to see why more people are looking into downsizing.

How Big is Little?

With creativity and cleverness, a lot of comfortable living space can be incorporated into one of these secondary dwellings.

Units of just more than 800 square feet can have two bedrooms and two baths. The smallest ADUs have 400 square feet, certainly sufficient for a single resident. On the larger end, California allows homeowners to build up to 1,200 square feet if the ADU is detached, and half the size of the primary structure if the ADU is attached.

In our next blog, we’ll take a closer look at a new line of ADUs unveiled this month by Skyline.

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