Creating The Perfect Front Porch

Many of the manufactured home models offered by Ma Williams feature front porches. They’re popular places for sitting outside and enjoying a brisk California evening, or watching the kids play outside. And perhaps that is why most people consider porches as places to use rather than places to be decorated.

But why can’t they be both? Here are some ideas for sprucing up your front porch.


Remember that line from The Big Lebowski about how the right rug can really tie a room together? That works for porches too! They add a splash of color and they’re more comfortable to walk on barefoot.


California provides the perfect climate for a wide array of flowers and plants. The opportunities are endless here, from smaller blooms on a baker’s rack to larger potted plants flanking the doorway, to planters on every porch step with flowers of different shapes and colors.


You have a porch light, but there are other ways to brighten this space so it can still be used after the sun sets. Lanterns are one attractive option, either using gas or as a decorative feature with a flameless candle inside.


You can get by with TV tables and folding chairs, but if your budget allows why not create a more comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with a porch swing, or rocking chairs, with outdoor side tables to hold your book or a soft drink?

The Front Door

The front porch is also the gateway to your front door, which can also add to the visual appeal of the space. Painting the door a bright color makes an impression, as does a seasonal wreath.

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