The Green Building Movement? Manufactured Homes are Already There

According to the Green Building Materials Market Report, a new industry forecast predicts that the global market for green building materials will grow from $171 million in 2015 to more than $377 million by 2022. That is an average increase of more than 10% every year.

This will be news to many but not to those in the manufactured housing industry. For more than a decade manufactured homes have been created with renewable resources, using manufacturing techniques that reduce harmful VOC emissions and conserve energy.

But it doesn’t stop there. True green building also improves the way that both homes and homebuilding sites use energy, water and materials to limit any negative impact on human health and the environment. Waste is reduced throughout the construction process. Construction techniques are more energy-efficient.

The decisions made at this phase will continue to pay dividends for each family in each home for many years to come.

Today’s manufactured homes are built to exacting federal standards, environmental and otherwise. And the best news of all? The efficiencies used in material selection and construction result in a cost savings that can be passed on to the homebuyer.

If you care about clean air, clean water and reducing your carbon footprint, a manufactured house certified to a green standard will provide a source of both satisfaction and comfort for as long as you call it home.