The Growing Popularity of ADUs

According to the Los Angeles Times, the city of Los Angeles received 1,980 applications for ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) construction in 2017. Last year, that figure skyrocketed to 5,374. And that was in the midst of a pandemic. How many more applications are likely to be received as California begins its slow trek toward getting back to normal?

Of course, we’re not surprised by those numbers. ADUs, also known as backyard homes and granny flats, have come a long way in the past decade. One reason is the higher cost of new homes. Another factor in the ADU trend is how families in the 21st century are staying together longer. Even with an economy that had been on the upswing, many college graduates are not immediately entering the workforce. And with unemployment negatively impacted b the COVID lockdowns, it may take even longer before those numbers are once again trending in a favorable way.

In many cases ADUs are added to a property not from necessity, but from a genuine need to keep loved ones closer. Couples with older parents or in-laws can make sure they are doing well, while also offering them a sense of privacy and independence in their own living space.

Why Now?

With all the benefits ADUs provide one would think they’d have become more popular years ago. But zoning restrictions in many parts of the country placed severe restrictions on  how and where they could be built.

Thankfully, zoning has since been revised to allow these structures to be more easily built and placed. Here in California, recent zoning updates opened up millions of backyards to the possibility of adding a second dwelling, one that can incorporate structures with 1,200 square feet of living space, and even more in some counties such as San Diego. These legislative changes have also made it easier for city planning departments to approve their construction, provided that terrain and design met certain basic conditions.

Ma Williams: Your Source for Quality ADUs

Offering granny flats from such trusted providers as Skyline and Silvercrest has been part of our business for decades. And soon we’ll be bringing you even more information about the many options available to you with these unique structures.

Ma Williams can work with you to locate your ADU properly on your property. If you already own the land, we’ll go over what’s involved with zoning, grading, permits and other factors in the development process.

Financing is another significant consideration, and here is where Ma Williams’ experience as a trusted, family-owned business since 1969 can make the process easier.

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