The White House Endorses the Manufactured House

It’s a very busy time in Washington right now, with so many high-profile issues dominating headlines and midterm elections coming up. So we were surprised when we saw this headline on a manufactured home industry trade website.

“You are entrepreneurs in the best tradition of the free enterprise system.”

~ The President of the United States to the Manufactured Home Industry

Wow, we thought, it’s about time that our industry received that kind of acknowledgement. After all, it has grown and evolved so much, and has been a much-needed source of quality affordable housing, especially here in California where home prices continue to soar.

But then we read the fine print – this was not a statement from our current president. It was part of a speech delivered to the Mobile Home Manufacturers Association back in 1973 ­– by President Gerald R. Ford.

Oh, well.

But it was still interesting to read other parts of the speech quoted in the article, and to reflect on how the industry has changed since then. This was right around the time that the HUD code was adopted, which set standards in construction and materials that continue to oversee how manufactured homes are put together. They are one of many reasons why the homes available from Ma Williams today are comparable to stick-built construction in their beauty, spaciousness, flexibility and durability.

They’re not comparable in price – they cost less.

“What’s the outlook for the mobile home industry?  It can only be described as bright.” President Ford said. “I am not here to promote the sale of mobile homes, (but) there is no question that the mobile home industry holds revolutionary potential for future advancement in the field of housing.  Mobile homes have become a major segment of the nation’s housing supply.  They are here to stay.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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