A New Era of Homeownership – Does it Include Manufactured Homes?

Recently the Department of Housing and Urban Development hosted a housing forum featuring an appearance from HUD secretary Ben Carson.

The theme of the get-together was “a new era in homeownership,” and there was much said about why owning a home is not just an important milestone to the people who sign the mortgage.

“Our Founding Fathers linked property with happiness and life itself. It is the essence of freedom, a stake in the city and the political system,” Carson said. “They saw that homeownership was as vital as commerce, trade, and community.” Homeownership, he continued, is the “foundation of the economy, the spark for vast investment, lending and finance.”

What About Manufactured Homes?

Media coverage of the HUD event did not include any specific mention of manufactured homes, or any comments made by Dr. Carson about the manufactured home industry.

However, he did stress the importance of HUD’s efforts to make sure every hardworking and credit-worthy American “enjoys a fair chance at becoming a homeowner.” For many Americans, manufactured homes represent either the only path to that goal, or one that offers a chance at a better home for a lower price.

At the time of Carson’s nomination to the HUD secretary post, Manufactured Housing Institute president and CEO Richard Jennison said “We look forward to working with Dr. Carson and his team to ensure he recognizes that a robust manufactured housing market is critical to increasing the availability of affordable housing, which is in short supply in many parts of the country. During this critical time for our nation’s housing markets, manufactured housing provides a reliable, affordable supply of homes that meet a variety of housing and lifestyle needs.”

Earlier this month, HUD’s Office of Manufactured Housing Programs began broadcasting digital ads internally throughout HUD’s Headquarters in Washington D.C. and to field offices nationwide, stressing the importance of the manufactured home industry. The ads mentioned how many jobs manufactured homes create, as well as their positive economic impact, and the role factory-built homes play as “affordable, nonsubsidized housing for working families.”

Is this is a positive first step, or will this be the extent of the effort? Time will tell.

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