Politics, Elections and Manufactured Homes

America is about to have a new president, after a long and contentious election.

Areas of agreement between candidates have been rare, but one thing you can always count on is someone running for office promising to help more people achieve the American dream. That, among other things, means owning a home.

Such assurances are hardly limited to the 2016 campaign. We recall when Bill Clinton championed efforts to “steadily expand the dream of homeownership to all Americans.” Similarly, George W. Bush believed that helping Americans to own their homes would “put light where there’s darkness.”

We didn’t hear as much about home ownership this year, mainly because both campaigns focused more on tabloid topics and investigations that had nothing to do with the traditional issues.

And when candidates do talk about home ownership, they never mention the one existing solution that can actually help more Americans achieve this objective – manufactured homes and modular homes.

While the price of site-built homes continue to rise, especially in California, manufactured homes can be obtained at a lower price, without sacrificing comfort, beauty, quality or durability. They are built to exacting construction and inspection standards, and rank among the most energy-efficient dwellings available.

Choices? When you look at the styles and sizes and floor plans available from the top manufacturers Ma Williams represents, you’ll find no shortage of appealing options. Most can be further customized to fit your taste and budget.

Obviously we don’t expect manufactured homes to be a major topic in a State of the Union speech or a Congressional committee, but we believe there is no better way to make the campaign promise of American homeownership into a reality.

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