What’s it Like to Partner With Ma Williams?

Over the last 50 years, we’ve worked with a wide range of companies that provide the same great service to our customers that we value within our business. While we’ve loved working with our vendors throughout the years, we reached out to our partners to learn about their experience working with us in honor of our 50th anniversary:

“My company coordinates with Ma Williams, while their team coordinates with the manufacturers to help make the entire process a smooth transition for the buyer. In the last 14 years that I’ve worked with Ma Williams, I cannot express enough about how honest, relatable, and wonderful they are to work with. They treat people like people — like family. It’s a joy to work with clients like Ma Williams who practice these values.”

Patrick McCarry, McCarry Insurance Services

“We’ve worked together since 1988, and they have the right processes in place to help assist their customers in buying Silvercrest manufactured homes. They have the ability to match their customer to the correct homes, and more importantly, to the right financing to help them achieve the American Dream – home ownership. They’re able to help customers develop their property with the proper utilities, ensure they get the right permits, (and) make sure the home is installed properly, which ultimately leads to happy customers. Ma Williams’ entire team is extremely professional and simply a pleasure to work with.”

Steve Harwood, Silvercrest Homes

“The best part of working with Ma Williams is hands down the people. They have a fantastic staff that know their jobs and excel at what they do. They understand that customer service is of utmost importance and doing everything they can to meet and exceed customer expectations. They have always provided me whatever I need to help our clients and are quick to respond to requests that either I, or the client may have. When you have partners like this, and people who put in the time and effort just like you do, it leads to successful results, and very happy customers. It’s great to know you have such a great partner who supports you in every way, as it allows you to help the customer. This is how we are able to help all of our customers to the best of all our abilities. There’s a reason they have been in business for 50 years – and more impressively, been extremely successful and respected for those 50 years.”

Danny Saldana, Realty Executives

“I’ve worked with Ma Williams ever since the beginning. Throughout all of those years we’ve worked well together in business and have a good overall relationship. I love how the Ma Williams team is family-driven, community oriented, and centrally located. I refer people to them often when someone is looking for a manufactured or modular home, and believe they provide excellent service to their customers. I’ve enjoyed working with them for the last 50 years and am looking forward to continue working together for many more!”

– JoAnne VanEvery, Business Associate

“I could go on for hours about how wonderful it is to work with the team at Ma Williams. First, they’re a truly family-oriented business. They’re extremely honest people and loyal to their vendors. In this industry, much of the time there are situations that arise, and it’s our responsibility to work together as a team to help find solutions. Ma Williams is extremely team-oriented in how they approach business, jobs, and customers. They’re also willing to work with my company when there is something that needs extra assistance on our end, even when it’s not necessarily their responsibility. I truly cannot say enough about how great it is to work with Ma Williams!”

Tom Payne, Payne Construction

“The Ma Williams team is honest, forthright, and simply wonderful people. My company does model homes and product specifications. We’ve been working together for over 10 years in all of those areas, and I couldn’t speak more highly of their employees’ high integrity. In the industry, I can tell you that everyone that I know that’s worked with Ma Williams can agree that they are some of the best people to work with. We all are working to make a living, but working with them makes our job so much more enjoyable. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want to do business with them! You cannot find anyone more reliable or honest to buy a home from than Ma Williams.”

Katy Weldon, Design Concepts

“I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside with the Ma Williams group for 12 years. It’s been an amazing professional experience. They’ve treated me like family from the first day I walked into their office. Dennis and Kelly treat their employees, clients, and affiliates with kindness and respect. You walk away feeling like you’re part of the family. The Ma Williams Family!”

Danny Gutierrez, First American Title Company

“I am a licensed C47 contractor for this industry. I have worked all over Southern California for over 30 years and Ma Williams to me is the best in Southern California. They treat their contractors fair. They are helpful. Many times Ma Williams will go above and beyond to have the job done right for good customer relations. They are very responsive to customer issues. In my estimation they are the best dealer in all of Southern California.”

Robert Ayala, Contractor

“I have worked with Ma Williams on 68 successful deals over the past five years, many of which were customized to meet the specific needs of their clients. I always find their agents and management staff very helpful in understanding their customer’s needs and finding the best way to meet those needs. I give Ma Williams two thumbs up!

– Kevin Ovard, Silvercrest Homes

We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by the kind words from our vendors, and look forward to continue working together for the next 50 years and beyond!