How Has Ma Williams (Not) Changed in 50 Years?

Fifty years is a long time to be in business. But here we are.

The world was very different when Jeannette “Ma” Williams began selling manufactured homes back in 1969. There was no internet, no personal computers, and no cell phones.

All of this technology has changed the way many companies do business. But if we had to explain our continued success, we’d say it’s because we haven’t changed all that much.

We are still a family-owned business that treats customers like family. We meet with our customers face to face, look them in the eye, tell them the truth, and don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We feel we’ve done our job only when we find the perfect manufactured home for each person and family we meet – and after we stay by their side through every step of the selection, purchase, financing and delivery process.

Our values and core principles came directly from Ma herself: value, integrity, and experience.

“We won’t be undersold” has been our motto from the beginning. But just selling someone a cheaper home is easy. That’s not our mission. We don’t represent just any home builder– instead we select those with the highest manufacturing standards, and then work with them to make sure we are delivering the best value for the price. Working with the best also makes it easier to stand behind the quality of the homes we offer – another Ma Williams tradition.

The manufactured home business has certainly changed over the last 50 years. Today’s homes are bigger, they are more attractive, they allow for more flexible options, they are more energy efficient. We’ve kept up with those changes, leveraging our experience to stay on top of what is happening in new home construction and introducing a software program to help track custom home developments from start to finish.

Of course some things are different now than when we started. Our website provides important information about our company and the homes we offer. Our blog is a place to discuss what is happening in the manufactured home business, and to offer ideas and advice for making the most of your home. And we introduced a patented software system so we and our customers always know what has been completed in the process of their home project, and what remains to be done. But when it comes to the quality of our products and our commitment to making our customers feel like family, nothing has really changed at all in 50 years. And we’re just getting started!