Surviving the Summer Heat

We’re in the midst of another long, hot summer, with no relief in sight.

The manufactured homes offered by Ma Williams all feature top-quality insulation to keep the heat outside where it belongs. But when the temperatures approach triple digits you may need to take additional steps for keeping cool. Try these:

Air Dry Your Dishes

Any appliance that generates heat, like your clothes dryer and dishwasher, will pump some of that heat into your home. So why not wash and dry your dishes the old-fashioned way? It might lower your energy bill too!

New Ways to Use Sheets

If you hang a damp sheet in an open window, it will cool any incoming breezes. You can also try sleeping on a damp sheet, a cool way to turn in that’s been used by desert-dwellers for thousands of years.

Eat Out

Why heat up your kitchen by running the oven? Go out to dinner instead. We expect this tip will be especially popular with whoever does the cooking in your family!

Block Out the Sun

Keep your shutters, blinds or curtains drawn during the day. While manufactured homes install windows that cut down on the amount of heat that passes into your home, keeping the sun blocked will lower those levels even further.

Dress Right

Lighter colors and loose fitting garments can keep you (slightly) more comfortable if you have to be outside.


Drink plenty of water and take it with you when you head out.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Long-lasting compact fluorescent bulbs produce about 70 percent less heat than standard incandescents.

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