Moving a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes aren’t referred to as mobile homes anymore, but some of them have not completely lost their mobile capabilities.

While most manufactured home buyers prefer to locate their residence on a permanent foundation, others may find their circumstances changed, and be grateful for the opportunity to move and take their houses with them.

To do it right, here are some of the guidelines and questions worth considering:

Can it Be Done?

Before you start the moving process, make certain moving your home is even possible. If the house has been situated in one place for many years, there may be deterioration issues that need to be addressed first – and may ultimately make the move impossible for safety reasons.


Remove any exterior attachments – not just water lines, gas lines and wires for cable TV but also awnings, lights and window baskets. Then remove any items inside that could be damaged during the relocation. Don’t forget to go through drawers in the kitchen and laundry room to take out any products that contain chemicals or anything flammable. Lock all the doors and windows.

Tear Down

It doesn’t sound encouraging, but “tear down” is the name given to the process of dismantling the house prior to transport. It is essential to hire a crew that is experienced in this procedure. In some cases the job includes putting tires and axles back on the home. The structure will also have to be braced in certain locations – such as a large room like a living room – for additional support.


Try to choose a moving day where the weather is calm and dry. However, as forecasts are not always accurate, give yourself the option of rescheduling if the weather changes. Hire a responsible moving company that will properly secure the home exterior, and work with them to determine the most favorable route to take to the home’s new location. When the home arrives, inspect it carefully to make sure it is in good condition, and the sections are put back together in a way that won’t cause roof or structural issues in the future.


Several factors can impact the cost of moving a manufactured home. Typically the more distant the move, the higher the cost – and the greater the risk of damage along the way. If the movers will also be setting up the home at the new location – water services, sewer services, etc. that will entail additional expense.

If the requirements of a move begin to present too many challenges, perhaps it is worth considering selling the home and buying a new one in the desired location. If you have a place in mind, Ma Williams can help!