Super Mega-Mega Sale

Ma Williams is a no fuse dealer of dream of homes. We strive to offer the best prices on the market to our customers, prices so low that we can rarely bet ourselves. Today is one of those rare occasions were we can offer an even BETTER price on a few of our dream homes.

We are offering FOUR beautiful model homes at a discounted rate of up to $10k off.

1. Silvercrest BD1001H (aka BD Special): 176-00F-H-A100390AB:
DOM (HUD Tag Date: 11/24/15
Model Number: BD1001H
Serial Numbers: 176-00F-H-A100390A & 176-00F-H-A100390B
H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): NTA 1689870 & NTA 1689871

2. Silvercrest BD45: 176-00F-H-A100393ABC:
DOM (HUD Tag Date:11/25/15
Model Number: BD45
Serial Numbers: 176-00F-H-A100393A & 176-00F-H-A100393B & 176-00F-H-A100393C
H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s):NTA 1689876 & NTA 1689877 & NTA 1689878

3. Silvercrest KB65: 176-00F-H-A100566AB:
DOM (HUD Tag Date: 6/30/16
Model Number: KB65
Serial Numbers: 176-00F-H-A100566A & 176-00F-H-A100566B
H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): NTA 1712694 & NTA 1712695

4. Skyline 4929: 6J71-0102-GBA:
DOM (HUD Tag Date:5/14/13
Model Number:4929
Serial Numbers: 6J71-0102-GA & 6J71-0102-GB
H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): PFS 1114911 & PFS 1114912

In order to receive discounted prices, home must enter escrow before March 15, 2017. For specific details on sale and pricing please contact us directly at (951) 926-1581