Seniors: Discover A New (and Better!) Way to Buy A Home

So you’ve decided to consider a manufactured home. Great! At this stage of your life you’ve probably bought a home or two. Is buying a new manufactured home different?

Yes and no.

One appealing difference is, rather than driving all over the cities where you’d like to live looking at homes for sale, you can visit a manufactured home provider, walk through model homes and review floor plans for dozens of home options. Models are available in a wide range of square footages and prices. It’s easier, less confusing, and think of the gas you’ll save by not driving from Riverside to San Diego County looking up addresses.

If you choose to do so at Ma Williams, we’ll be delighted to talk with you about each model, and how it can be customized to meet your needs, with such features as green appliances that can lower your power bill, and walk-in showers, which some seniors find safer than a bathtub.  We work only with the top manufacturers, because this will be your forever home, and it has to surpass your expectations.

The cost of the manufactured home you choose, in almost every case, will be lower than the cost of a comparable home built the old-fashioned way. But with manufactured homes you must also consider costs associated with the land where you home will sit.

If you already own the land, we’ll go over what’s involved with zoning, grading, permits and other factors in the development process. If you need to purchase a home and land at the same time, we can help you with that as well. Ma Williams can work with you to locate your manufactured home just about anywhere in Southern California.

Financing is another significant consideration, and here is where Ma Williams’ experience as a trusted, family-owned business since 1969 can make the process easier. Dealing with the complexities of construction loans is easier when you have a friend in the business, and that is what we hope to be. We have been through this process thousands of times with thousands of customers. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what options are available depending on each buyer’s income and credit status.

If you’re ready to retire in style and comfort, Ma Williams is here not just to sell you a home but to answer your questions and accompany you through the buying experience from site selection to floor plan selection to land preparation, to that exciting day when we hand you the key.