Time for Spring Cleaning – But This Year, Look Beyond the Dust

March is a time for spring cleaning in many homes across the country.

We’ve read a lot of interesting articles offering suggestions on the best way to approach this annual task. But here’s another idea: while you’re going through each room deciding how to tackle this job, take a good, long look around your home or apartment. Try to view it through fresh eyes.

Does it still meet your needs, or has it become too large or too small because your circumstances have changed?

Is the neighborhood everything it was when you moved in, or has it become less appealing?

Have you changed jobs? Do you live farther away from where you work now? What is the traffic situation like every day?

Is it time for a new outlook and to start a new adventure?

Depending on the answers to these questions, perhaps this is the right time to consider a new home.

If you currently reside in a site-built home or condominium, or are paying rent month to month, this might be an opportune moment to calculate how much of your monthly bills now go to your mortgage or rent.

Too much? Then perhaps it’s time to consider a manufactured home.

Ma Williams works with the best manufacturers in the state, all of whom offer homes in a variety of floor plans, sizes and styles. Each of these can be customized to fit your individual taste and budget. Plus, the homes offered by Ma Williams emphasize energy efficiency. You’ll see it in the way they are built, the heating and cooling systems, the lights and the appliances. Think of the impact that will have on your power bill.

We have helped customers throughout California into the home of their dreams. Whether you wish to live close to the city or out in the country, there are locations zoned for manufactured housing that will fit your lifestyle. Best of all, once you have moved into affordable housing, you may have more money left over for other necessities – or to finally take that well-deserved vacation.

If you are ready to consider a move let us know. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our homes, and the cities we serve.

Who knows? Next year’s spring clean might take place in your brand new home.

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