Spruce Up a Home Before Selling It

For many folks, one of the first steps toward buying a manufactured home is selling their present home.

Real estate markets heat up and cool down depending on other economic factors, but even amidst a downturn there are always thousands of people that need to move. All you need is one!

Here are a few tips for making your home more desirable to potential buyers.

First Impressions

What are the first things someone sees as they approach your home from the outside? Start with the front lawn and yard landscaping – has the grass been cut and the bushes trimmed? Is the sidewalk clean? Also confirm that the lighting works over the entryway, and the door is clean (a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t hurt either, especially if it’s been awhile).

Lighten it Up

Nothing makes a home look better and more spacious that bright natural light. Always make sure the drapes or blinds or shutters are letting the sunshine in. If you’re showing the house after sundown, or if there are areas that are darker even in daylight, use high-wattage bulbs to brighten them up.

Neatness Counts

Straighten up magazines on coffee tables, and make sure the kids are keeping their rooms clean. In the kitchen, clean the countertops and the stove area, and polish the faucets.

Give Your Car a Clean Home Too

If your home has a garage, and like most people it is used for storage as much as keeping a roof over your car, a quick clean-up there couldn’t hurt either.

Hopefully this helps you sell your home faster, so you can get into the manufactured of your dreams as soon as possible.