Get to Know Skyline Homes

In 1951, in Elkhart, Indiana, a company opened a factory to build what were then called mobile homes and house trailers. More than 60 years later that company, Skyline Homes, has emerged as one of the top manufactured home producers in the United States.

The industry has changed a lot since that first factory opened, and Skyline has changed with it, which is just one reason why Ma Williams is proud to offer a great selection of Skyline homes to its customers.

Why do we like Skyline around here? Start with flexibility – if you’re just looking for a basic home they have several models that can fit the needs of any family. For those who prefer something more specific, there are highly customized variations to suit different desires.

Quality is another important consideration to you and to us. The materials used to build their homes are never outside until the house is moved to its site. Attention to detail on the factory floor is reviewed through a quality assurance process conducted by both Skyline and independent third-party agencies. That’s one reason why Skyline has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Another reason we’re proud to offer Skyline is their commitment to green construction and homes that are as energy-efficient as they are attractive.

The company is an Energy Star partner, a designation that alone translates to energy bills that are 20-30% lower.

From insulation to air ducts, appliances to high-performance windows and doors, nearly every aspect of manufacturing is achieved with the environment in mind. Homeowners who care about reducing their carbon footprint are contributing to the cause just by choosing a Skyline home.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans now live in Skyline homes. If you are considering a manufactured home, Ma Williams can show you all of the Skyline options, as well as other homes from top manufacturers. You’re sure to find something that’s just right.

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