Get Your Hands on a Deeply Discounted Model Home

The Ma Williams team takes pride in offering beautiful homes at the best value. Because we extend the savings to our customers from the get-go it is a rare occasion when a home receives any further discounts.

Today is one of those rare occasions! You best sit down because you won’t believe what we’re doing.

We are offering $10,000 off one of our gorgeous model homes. This is a HUGE discount!!! Unprecedented! Never before seen!

The home is a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a large open kitchen and living area. Plenty of space for entertaining guests and creating the dream home you’ve always wanted.

If you are interested in learning more about this home or other Ma Williams homes give us a call.

Important Information About the Sale

***************************THE SALE IS CASH ONLY *******************************

In order to lock in the $10,000 off savings, escrow on the home would need to open between 10/15-11/15/2016

The home will be in Escrow for 30 days and the new owner would have to take possession of their new home within 30 days.

DOM (HUD Tag Date): 05/14/2013


SERIAL NUMBERS: 6J71-0102-G-B, 54’ “X 14’ 00”

6J71-0102–G-A, 54’ “X 14’ 00”

H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): PFS 1114911, PFS 1114912