Spring Cleaning Time? Try This Game Plan

Wait ­– it can’t possibly be spring-cleaning time again already, can it? It seems like we just finished this job last year!

Unfortunately calendars don’t lie. But take heart – we’ve got a few tips that could help you get through this annual chore a little more quickly.

Start With a Checklist

Wandering from room to room and sprucing as you go will certainly help, but if this is your one major cleaning makeover for the year, you’ll want to make sure you leave nothing untouched. As you create your cleaning checklist, don’t forget these tasks:

  • Wash or dry-clean draperies and bedding
  • Clean area rugs (preferably outside)
  • Clean or replace bath mats, shower curtains and curtain liners
  • De-clutter your closets
  • Clean (and clean out) the refrigerator
  • Throw out any expired food products in your pantry
  • Clean windows inside and out, and clean the screens as well

Have a Game Plan for Each Room

When you walk into the master bedroom and see things to do in every direction, how do you know where to start? One idea is to work from the top down: do the dusting on the ceiling or any ceiling fans, then clean the furniture, so any particles that are removed will settle on the floor, before you vacuum.

Don’t Spend a Fortune on Cleaning Products

Soap and water work as well as most of the expensive solutions at the store. Another low-priced option is baking soda, which can freshen up everything from carpets to bed sheets.

Clean it All – That Means Everything

There are several items around the house that are usually overlooked during regular housecleaning; spring-cleaning is the time to take care of them. That means light switches, doorknobs, the controls on your stove, and the remote controls on your coffee table. Clean the washing machine by running an empty load with hot water and bleach. And when you’re done throwing out all the stuff you don’t need anymore, clean your garbage cans too.