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As you’ll read on our “About Us” page, Ma Williams is a third-generation, family owned and operated company that is still guided by this principle Ma established nearly 50 years ago: The customer always comes first.

The internet didn’t exist back then, so all of our customer referrals came from satisfied homeowners who couldn’t wait to tell a friend about their buying experience, and the quality of their new manufactured home.

Today, of course, one good review or bad review can be circulated through sites like Yelp, on social media, and reach thousands of people within minutes of being posted.

That’s why we are so grateful to the many Ma Williams customers who shared their stories online. Here are just a few of the reviews posted from this year:

We have just opened escrow on our new home.  We went to every dealer from Hemet to El Cajon before we decided to partner with Ma Williams, and it is a partnership, so choose wisely! Dennis Williams has taken more time letting me vent about my experience with other dealers than any person should have to!  He is a true old school gentleman who never had one negative thing to say about his competitors.  He has been so helpful and understanding.

Tony, our sales representative, has not had it easy with us.  We are picky and know what we want.  He has bent over backward to make sure all of our expectations have been managed and that we get the home we want, and he has done it all with a smile!


Every single person who works here is a kind, intelligent, attentive, and thoughtful person. I can’t say enough about the smiles every time you walk in, or call. We ultimately chose to hold off on our project for now, so I can’t speak to the contractors or final experience, but I can say that I would wholeheartedly recommend Ma Williams to anyone just based on the customer service. It’s fantastic.


We are thinking of downsizing and moving into a manufactured home on our own land. I’ve searched online and found it’s hard to find information how to do this. But then I found the Ma Williams website and today I spoke with Marie G. and not only did she answer all my questions, she was super friendly and easy to speak with. She explained the simple process clearly and let me know approximate costs. I’m glad I found Ma Williams and I’m glad I spoke with Marie, who provided very professional, courteous and warm service over the phone.


I called Ma Williams, not to purchase a home, but just to obtain information about differences between manufactured, modular, and mobile homes.  Lavon, who answered the phone, made it crystal clear in simple to understand terms.  I made it clear I was not in the market to buy.  I was amazed in today’s world to find a person who did not sound too rushed to answer my questions even though I was not a potential purchaser.  She knew her stuff and acted like she cared about her business and about helping people.   I say, WOW!!!  Any company whose employees are as good to a non-client as Lavon was to me, must do a good job of making homes.


My family & I visited “Ma” Williams this weekend and we were pleasantly surprised by how updated our choices are. We were treated with hospitality and we left very informed. The choice is simple. “Ma” Williams all the way!!

Ma Williams has an excellent team that welcomes you and helps you find the best option for you. After visiting different mobile home manufacturers in the area, we couldn’t help but stay with Ma Williams. Their floor plans are spacious and have a modern feel to them. The agents are very friendly and help you plan every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is considering to buy a home.


My wife and I went to look into the purchase of a home to put on our property. We met with Linda who was very nice and helpful. She explained the process to us, from loan app, to site prep, to home design, and options. We felt much less uncomfortable with this type of project. We expect to be moving forward with this project very soon and will be working with Ma Williams for sure.


On behalf of everyone at Ma Williams, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to write a review. You inspire us to continue to provide the best customer service that we can, every single day.