Remembering Marie

Ma Williams is truly a family run company.  Many who work with us and buy homes from us become as close as family in the process. We are sad to share the news that one of those people you likely met during your visits here has passed away.

Her name was Marie Collins.  She was our friend and colleague for more than eight years, starting with us as a receptionist. For many of our customers, Marie’s was the first voice they heard when they contacted us about finding a manufactured home.

She later became a sales consultant, and excelled at this challenging job. Her help was invaluable when we worked with customers for whom Spanish was their primary language. In fact, she often worked closely with other Spanish speaking sales consultants we hired, to make sure they were saying the right things and treating our customers right.

Everyone loved Marie because she was always helpful, honest, straightforward and kind. We could always count on her, and will always remember her smile, her infectious laugh and calming demeanor. Marie, you will be truly missed.