Lessons from Louisville

One of the largest annual manufactured housing shows is held every January in Louisville, Kentucky.

This year’s event recently ended, and once again some 3,000 industry professionals gathered to discuss the state of manufactured housing in America and watch top home providers such as Skyline unveil new floor plans and models.

They have been holding these shows since 1958, which was a very different era in this business – a time when manufactured housing was more commonly called mobile homes and trailers. But one look around the exhibition floor shows just how far we’ve come in 60 years, and why so many more people are discovering the quality and cost-saving benefits of manufactured homes.

But we still need to get the word out! That’s why one of the seminars at this year’s show focused on “The Millennial Opportunity.”

It may seem hard for some of us to believe, but millennials now outnumber baby boomers, and they have now reached the age when they are looking to purchase a first home for themselves and their families. And if you read those lists online about what that generation likes, it includes items that are smaller, good for the planet, and go against popular trends.

That’s a great description of manufactured homes.

Sure, they come in all sizes, but many of the most popular models are smaller than the average stick-built residence. Good for the planet? Manufactured homes use the most environmentally responsible materials and methods of construction, with far less waste than traditional on-site homebuilding.

The seminar suggested going out and engaging with millennials online and in person to let them know about the many benefits of manufactured housing. We’ve been doing our best to achieve that goal for years, and look forward to continuing those efforts.

If you are a first-time home buyer looking to get the most quality for your dollar, we hope you’ll stop by Ma Williams and let us show you why manufactured housing may be the best answer.

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