Home for the Holidays

Going home for the holidays is a sentiment most people can relate to. To make that dream possible for more people Ma Williams has always offered homes at affordable prices. With our prices being the best on the market, we can rarely beat our own prices. However, this holiday season we’d like to offer an even BETTER price on a few of our dream homes.

We are offering FOUR beautiful model homes at a discounted rate of up to $35k off.

1. Skyline K576G: http://www.mawilliamshomes.com/models/k576g/

Model Number: K576G

Serial Numbers: FQ71-0208-J-A/B/C

H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): PFS1171944

2. Silvercrest BD45: 176-00F-H-A100393ABC: http://www.mawilliamshomes.com/models/bd-45-2/

DOM (HUD Tag Date:11/25/15

Model Number: BD45

Serial Numbers: 176-00F-H-A100393A & 176-00F-H-A100393B & 176-00F-H-A100393C

H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s):NTA 1689876 & NTA 1689877 & NTA 1689878

3. Silvercrest KB65: 176-00F-H-A100566AB: http://www.mawilliamshomes.com/models/kb-65-2/

DOM (HUD Tag Date: 6/30/16

Model Number: KB65

Serial Numbers: 176-00F-H-A100566A & 176-00F-H-A100566B

H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): NTA 1712694 & NTA 1712695

4. M-14: http://www.mawilliamshomes.com/models/m-14/

Model Number: M-14

Serial Numbers: 176-ACF-H-A101002A/B/C

H.U.D. Certification Label Number(s): NTA 1774037/38/39/40

In order to receive discounted prices, home must enter escrow before January 15, 2018. For specific details on sale and pricing, please contact us directly at (951) 926-1581