Manufactured Homes Receive Bipartisan Support in Washington

At a time when politicians can’t agree on anything, here’s one exception- the role manufactured homes can play in offering quality, affordable homes.  

Families across our nation are facing affordable housing shortages. This makes manufactured housing a critical component towards providing the lowest-cost unsubsidized housing throughout the nation.

The related costs difference between a site-built home and a manufactured home may be up to 10-35% less per square foot. That’s a big savings, especially here in California.

A recent article on MH Living News illustrates how Democrats and Republicans are coming together to support manufactured housing as a qualifying option for all housing programs.

The benefits, of course, are not limited to a lower price. As Ma Williams customers know, manufactured homes are extremely flexible: Add a deck or a garage; upgrade the appliances, modify the floor plan to fit your family’s needs – with today’s modern manufactured homes, you’ll have choices on how to customize the space inside and out.

Manufactured housing units must also meet the HUD Code, a set of stringent guidelines that regulates construction and sets high quality standards in strength and durability, energy efficiency, heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal systems and electrical systems. An inspection process at every step during construction verifies that each home built meets these criteria.

Manufactured housing is truly a win-win for families seeking quality affordable living and communities seeking increased property values.