Manufactured Homes: The Most Affordable Housing Option

Earlier this year, the Government Accountability Office released a study that showed manufactured homes are the most affordable form of housing in America.

Of course, affordable is one of those words with a meaning that will vary depending on who is doing the talking. For some a weekend in Vegas is affordable, but not a weekend in Paris. Some might be able to afford a used Chevy but not a new Jaguar.

It’s the same with homes, so before going any further we need to agree on the definition of “affordable housing.”

Fortunately, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has provided one: HUD defines affordable housing as “households that pay 30% or less of their income on housing.” Those paying more than 30%, HUD cautions, may have difficult affording other necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care.

If you currently reside in a site-built home or condominium, or are paying rent month to month, this might be a good time to calculate how much of your monthly bills now go to your mortgage or rent.

Too much? Then perhaps it’s time to consider a manufactured home.

Ma Williams works with the best manufacturers in the state, all of whom offer homes in a variety of floor plans, sizes and styles. Each of these can be customized to fit your individual taste and budget.

We have helped customers throughout California into the home of their dreams. Whether you wish to live close to the city or out in the country, there are locations zoned for manufactured housing that will fit your lifestyle. Best of all, once you have moved into affordable housing, you may have more money left over for other necessities – or to finally take that well-deserved vacation.

Start exploring your manufactured home options