Manufactured Home Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Did you know that Kid Rock lives in a manufactured home?

The singer and musician, who is worth upwards of $80 million, could afford any type of home he wants, but passed on conventional housing and opted instead for a spacious and comfortable house that was assembled in a factory.

And he’s not the only millionaire to make that choice. Montauk Resort in the Hamptons is a popular getaway for the jet set and Manhattan’s wealthy movers and shakers. It’s also a manufactured home community.

Perhaps we all can’t afford these luxurious manufactured models, with their 5,000+ square foot floor plans and upscale amenities. But perhaps their popularity will be reassuring to anyone considering an alternative to site-built construction.

Too often we see manufactured homes dismissed as subpar, or a last resort for a prospective homeowner unable to afford a “real” house. Such stereotypes no longer apply to the modern manufactured home industry that offers buyers hundreds of spacious floor plans and appealing designs.

So take confidence in the knowledge that people of all income levels, including the one-percenters at the top of the list, recognize the quality and value that manufactured homes have to offer.

The fact that the average price per square foot for a manufactured home is much lower than for site-built homes won’t even be a consideration for the Kid Rocks of the world. But for those of us who don’t have $80 million in the bank, that difference is significant. Especially when you can receive an environmentally friendly, Energy Star-rated home with hardwood floors and granite counter-tops and dozens of other features and extras that help transform a house into the home of your dreams.

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