Tips To Help a Smaller Bathroom Make a Big Impression

If your manufactured home has a bathroom that’s on the small side, it’s easy to overlook opportunities to make the space special.

True, once you get past the plumbing essentials there may not be a lot of room for dramatic displays, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be a room that makes a memorable impression.

The first step toward achieving this goal is not to put more stuff in, but to take stuff out. The room is already small – if you have magazines or towels on the floor, or lots of tchotchkes on the vanity, getting rid of them contributes to a more appealing look. Create more space by hiding a small wastebasket and other necessities inside the vanity storage area.

Next, choose a color scheme but don’t over do it. Focus on one primary color and carry it through your shower curtain, bath mat, toothbrush holder and other items. Add individual tiles that pick up that color into the flooring or tiled wall above your bath or shower.

A mirror and the right lighting can help create the illusion of more space. If you only have a small mirror on the medicine cabinet, consider adding a larger one over the sink or vanity. If the room has a window, make sure you’re getting all the natural light you can by keeping the blinds open when possible. A track lighting system creates the perception of a longer room.

Finally, custom plumbing fixtures on the sink or shower can add a refined, upscale look without taking up any additional space. Replace your simple chrome ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ faucets with elegantly curved or crafted pieces in gold or brass.

With just a few simple changes, you’ll be surprised at how that plain little powder room can be transformed into a lovely, appealing space.