Creating the Perfect Kitchen

One of the biggest improvements to manufactured home design over the past couple of decades has been the size of the kitchens, and the amenities available within them.

As a favorite place to gather with family and friends, a kitchen should be comfortable and welcoming. Check out some of the models of manufactured homes Ma Williams offers, and you’re sure to find several with kitchens just right for your needs.

And once you’ve moved in, how can you make that space even more special? Here are a few tips.

Lots of Light

Whenever you see a kitchen on a television commercial, it’s always brightly lit, either from natural light streaming in through windows or the fixtures above the kitchen table and under the countertops. In California we are blessed with so many days of sunshine that we don’t have to worry as much about electric lighting. Keep the windows uncovered with blinds or draperies, and let that sunshine in.

Color Scheme

There’s typically a lot of white in a kitchen, which is certainly not a bad idea as it enhances the brightness of the room. A black and white motif with ebony tile accents can also create a striking appearance, though one that is also more formal. But if you like more color there is certainly no rule against it. Just don’t make it too dark.


One can’t escape the need for lots of storage space in kitchens for cooking equipment, utensils and other food-related items. But unless you have some fancy copper pans or something equally appealing, it’s best to try to keep these items out of site (use the drawers and shelves you have, and add additional storage cubes as needed). That leaves space in your exposed shelving for plants, books, vases and small statues and other knick-knacks that give the room personality.

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