The Ultimate Manufactured Home Makeover

One of the best qualities of manufactured homes is the flexibility in their floor plans, which allow them to be customized to fit the needs of each family. There is great potential in each design for those with the time and imagination who decide to take a great home and make it even better.

But what if someone attempted to go one step further? What could one person achieve starting with a basic manufactured home when money is no object?

Amy Shock, a designer based in Los Angeles, decided to find out. She purchased an 800 square foot manufactured home in the city of Ojai, which she picked up for just over $5,000. Then she spent the next year – and about $175,000 – to transform the property into a dream house that would not look out of place among the million-dollar residences in Santa Barbara.

It helped that Shock held a degree in architecture from Cornell, and had worked as a residential designer on a wide range of homes. That gave her the educational background and practical experience to take on a challenge this unique.

All the old cabinetry, lighting and plumbing were replaced. Solar glass windows were installed, including in one part of the home where the glass stretches from floor to ceiling, to maximize a beautiful view.

Check out the before and after pictures here:

Obviously this type of makeover is not going to be practical for most manufactured home owners. But you may pick up some ideas that can be incorporated into your current home, and make you the envy of your neighbors.