10 Advantages of Manufactured Homes

For nearly 20 years, the How Stuff Works website (howstuffworks.com) has become a go-to destination for explanations of countless burning questions, from how galaxies work to why concert tickets are so expensive.

Not long ago we spotted an article there entitled “10 Advantages of Manufactured Homes.” You can read that article here, but here’s a quick summary of why they think these homes are an option worth considering.

They’re Affordable

The difference may be up to 10-35% less per square foot than site-built homes. That’s a big savings, especially here in California.

They Go Up Fast

Construction on a manufactured home may take just 1/3 of the time of building a home the old-fashioned way. That means you can move into your dream house even faster!

They’re Flexible

Add a deck or a garage; upgrade the appliances, modify the floor plan to fit your family’s needs – with today’s modern manufactured homes, you’ll have choices on how to customize the space inside and out.

They’re Energy Efficient

The manufactured homes offered by Ma Williams come from companies that emphasize energy efficiency. You’ll see it in the way they are built, the heating and cooling systems, the lights and the appliances. Think of the impact that will have on your power bill.

They’re Immune From Cost Overruns and Construction Delays

Rain and snow and high winds only impact home construction when you’re building a house outside. When homes are assembled in a factory, the materials and processes are in place to finish work on schedule.

They Come With a Warranty

The quality of construction on manufactured homes is so consistent that issues rarely arise. But if they do, whether it’s a construction concern or related to windows, doors, appliances, or many other features, it will be covered in the first year. And reasonably priced extended warranties are also available to provide additional protection.

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