Staying Home and Staying Stress Free

We thought – or at least hoped – most of this would be over by now. Yet here we are.

COVID is sadly still with us, and as we try to keep up with what’s open, what’s closed, what was closed last week and open now, but may be closed again by Thursday, the only place that seems safe from the confusion, as well as the virus, is our own homes.

If it’s a Ma Williams home, that’s not so bad. If it’s not, and you’re interested in one of our beautiful, spacious, quality manufactured homes – we are still open. Always have been, always will be. Come see us.

But when even the nicest home starts to feel like a prison from being stuck inside too long, here are a few ideas that can help. Some are practical, some are just fun, and some might work so well that you’ll keep them around long after this pandemic is a distant memory.

Build a Home Gym – Free

Working out is one of the healthiest activities you can do during home confinement. And it’s possible to get a great workout without spending thousands of dollars on all that fancy equipment advertised on TV. Just create some open space in one room or corner of your house, and try these exercises.

Perk Up Your Porch

One way to stay home yet still get outside for some fresh air is in an outdoor space like a front porch, a feature of many Ma Williams home models. Add some flowers or potted plants, bring a card table outside for board games, or put up your holiday decorations to celebrate Christmas in July.

Branch Out Your Menus

You can’t get takeout or delivery for dinner every night. There has never been a better time to experiment in the kitchen with new ingredients and new dishes. Recipes are plentiful online and there are hundreds of how-to videos on YouTube for everything from French Toast to Onion Soup to Kenyan Tilapia Fish served with Ugali and Sukuma Wiki Kales.

Start a Garden

There is something peaceful and rewarding about a garden. Plant your seeds, water the ground, and watch the tiny plants emerge from the soil and grow. Make it practical with vegetables you can add to your nightly meals, or colorful with a rainbow assortment of flowers.

Optimize Your Home Office

If you are one of the fortunate people able to work from home, you might have thought that this arrangement was a temporary situation. But since some organizations are already canceling events scheduled in 2021, you may be doing so for a long time. If that’s the case, set up your home office in a way that is most conducive to getting stuff done. Who knows? When your office is open again, your employer might extend the work-from-home option, because many employees prefer it to fighting traffic every day. Give yourself a workspace that is appealing and functional.

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