Buying a Home During An Economic Downturn? A Manufactured Home Is Your Best Bet

The economic news isn’t great right now, and as a result some people are delaying major purchases like homes and cars until things get better. The problem is we don’t know how long the current situation is going to last – and it might even get worse before it improves.

If you need to look into a home purchase in the near future – or you just don’t want to wait another two years or more to start living in your dream house – then this is the right time to consider a manufactured home.

Why? The simple one-word answer is value. Whatever your proposed budget, it will go much further on a manufactured home than a traditional site-built home. That potentially means you’ll be able to afford more square footage, more deluxe features, and more amenities for the same price.

Another benefit: manufactured homes from companies like Skyline and Silvercrest are required to have insulation within the walls and under the home around its base, energy-efficient windows and high-efficiency water heaters. Inside, kitchens and bathrooms have energy-saving appliances and lighting, as well as water-saving plumbing fixtures and faucets. That means your savings will continue after you move in thanks to lower monthly bills.

And just like any other type of house, a manufactured home is an investment – one that will likely appreciate in value over time if it becomes real estate – that means placing your home on a prominent foundation on private property.

If you’ve never considered a manufactured home, now is the time to do so. Ma Williams offers a wide range of models with beautiful designs and flexible floor plans. These homes are strong, safe, visually appealing, and comfortable in summer and winter. That is why more than 20 million families nationwide have found everything they need in a place to live in a manufactured home.

Interested? Talk to a Ma Williams representative today. Find out how we can help with site selection, purchasing, financing, and all the other little details that are part of the home buying process.

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