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An Award-Winning Architect Discusses the Future of Manufactured Homes

What do people think of when they hear the term “manufactured home” or “mobile home”? Jennifer Siegal owns the Office of Mobile Design, a company that designs prefabricated mobile homes. Her work earned her the arcVision 2016 Women in Architecture Prize. Siegal recently sat down for a wide-ranging, in-depth interview with the architecture magazine Metropolis. […]

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Owned by Residents: A Manufactured Home Park Trend?

It’s a story that we often see under news about manufactured homes – a popular manufactured home park that has been around for decades is sold to new owners, and dozens of residents wonder if they need to make moving plans. A version of that story appeared in newspapers around Taunton, Massachusetts, after the Oak […]

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Flexible and Fantastic: The Benefits of a Modular Home

What is a modular home? There is a specific definition we’ll cover in a bit; but first and foremost, it is a home. It is a place to raise a family, and cook Thanksgiving dinner, and show off to your friends when they come over to visit. Inside and out, it looks like the kind […]

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Use your Tax Refund to Help with Your Manufactured Home Purchase

April is tax month, and that’s good news if you are expecting a refund. If you are also considering a manufactured home purchase, the timing is especially fortunate, as your refund could bring you one step closer to achieving the dream of being a homeowner. Depending on what stage you are at in the process, […]

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Furnishing your new Manufactured Home

So you’ve just taken delivery of your wonderful new manufactured home – congratulations! Now, what are you going to do with all that empty space? Sure, you could just transfer the furniture from your previous house, but a new room layout offers possibilities for changing things up, in a way that is both functional and […]

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What You Need to Know About Construction Loans

Mortgage loan rates are headed toward historic lows according to many finance experts. Even with a Federal Reserve raise two months ago, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage continues to drop, and may even fall into the 2 percent range. Experts can debate the causes for this plunge, but there is no question that this is […]

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A Ma Williams manufactured home provides a comfortable, quality home for families of all sizes.

A Manufactured Home is a Quality-Built Home

Why does a perception still persist that manufactured homes are the same as trailers? Hopefully you have already discovered for yourself that this is not the case. But if you have any lingering doubts about what constitutes a manufactured home, let’s clear up any confusion. 1. A Manufactured Home and a Mobile Home Are Not […]

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Manufactured Homes: A Destination of Choice for Retiring Baby Boomers

If you are part of the Baby Boom generation and you are retired, or nearing retirement, you are certainly not alone. For the next 20 years, an average of 10,000 people each day will reach age 65. While that milestone no longer demands immediate retirement, certainly some of them will be ready to welcome the […]

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