A Modular Home – Built in Four Hours?

The old saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day. But apparently it is now possible to build a 1,300 square-foot modular home in half that time.

It happened about a month ago in Napa, California. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home went from slab to finished home in just four hours courtesy of a new manufactured housing company.

How did it happen? The home was put together from three dwelling modules and a roof unit. These were shipped to the site while work was completed on the foundation. That’s not only a great system for the new homeowner, it’s great for the neighbors as well, as the job is done quickly with a minimum of disruption.

In addition to expediting the building process with a minimum of waste, a one-day modular build can be a godsend to families who lose their homes in natural disasters – something with which Californians have become too familiar in recent years.

While Ma Williams cannot bring you a new home in four hours (at least not yet!) we can offer a fine selection of modular homes from top manufacturers, and expedite the process as much as possible from financing and permit processing to engineering, production and on-site completion.

You’ll save money compared to a comparable stick-built home, while not sacrificing quality, living space, energy-saving features and overall comfort.

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