”Ma” Williams, manufactured and modular homes

Marie was very helpful and he appreciated how she clearly explained the process detail for detail. We had inquired with another sales center and left confused. We would love to purchase a doublewide from Ma Williams. Marie has sent even more information since the initial inquiry.

Luis and Stephanie M. – Romoland, Ca | October 10, 2019

I took an application home from Ma Williams. Lavon was very nice and answered my questions.

Amanda C. – San Diego County |

Tony was great.  He was very nice and very knowledgeable.  He has emailed us all the information that we need.  We were pleased with what we saw at Ma Williams and we thought the prices were very good, so I think we are happy working with them.

Julie and Mike W. – Hemet, Ca |

Lavon, thank you for your time and hard work on putting together our new home yesterday!  We are very excited to have gotten this far!  I will absolutely recommend YOU and Ma Williams to everyone in our neighborhood.  10 stars!!

Barbara and Elmer D. – San Diego County |

I have only spoken with Cindy over the phone so far. Cindy was beyond helpful. I am looking forward to speaking with her further. I have located a piece of land I’m interested in and Cindy is double checking on that for me. I want to purchase a land and home package. I plan to actually visit the sales center in the near future, once I catch up on work.

Vanessa W. – Yucaipa, Ca |

I had a very good experience at Ma Williams. Wendy was very nice and made me feel comfortable. She explained the process very clearly. I will contact Wendy once I’m locked down land and can move this forward.

Richard – Riverside County |

Tony was very thorough and gave us the complete 360 on this process. I really like the modular models. I plan to continue looking into this and trying to figure out if I can make it happen. I will definitely call Tony if any further information is needed.

Chenelle T. – Hemet, Ca |

Marie was very personable and gave us the information needed. We haven’t made a solid decision, but are definitely considering Ma Williams.

Paulette and John W. – Warner Springs, Ca |

Lavon was well educated and really knew the product

Rick K. – San Diego County |

I have worked with Ma Williams on 68 successful deals over the past 5 years.  Many of which were customized to meet the specific needs of their clients.  I always find their agents and management staff very helpful in determining the needs of their customers and finding the best way to meet those needs.  I give Ma Williams two thumbs up!

Kevin C. Ovard – Silvercrest Sales Representative | August 21, 2019

“I could go on for hours about how wonderful it is to work with the team at Ma Williams. First, they’re a truly family-oriented business. They’re extremely honest people and loyal to their vendors. In this industry, much of the time there are situations that arise, and it’s our responsibility to work together as a team to help find solutions. Ma Williams is extremely team-oriented in how they approach business, jobs, and customers. They’re also willing to work with my company when there is something that needs extra assistance on our end, even when it’s not necessarily their responsibility. I truly cannot say enough about how great it is to work with Ma Williams!”

JoAnne VanEvery, Business Associate |

“I’ve worked with Ma Williams ever since the beginning. Throughout all of those years we’ve worked well together in business and have a good overall relationship. I love how the Ma Williams team is family-driven, community oriented, and centrally located. I refer people to them often when someone is looking for a manufactured or modular home, and believe they provide excellent service to their customers. I’ve enjoyed working with them for the last 50 years and am looking forward to continue working together for many more!”

Danny Saldana, Realty Executives |

“We’ve worked together since 1988, and they have the right processes in place to help assist their customers in buying Silvercrest manufactured homes. They have the ability to match their customer to the correct homes, and more importantly, to the right financing to help them achieve the American Dream – home ownership. They’re able to help customers develop their property with the proper utilities, ensure they get the right permits, (and) make sure the home is installed properly, which ultimately leads to happy customers. Ma Williams’ entire team is extremely professional and simply a pleasure to work with.”

Patrick McCarry – McCarry Insurance Services |

“The best part of working with Ma Williams is hands down the people. They have a fantastic staff that know their jobs and excel at what they do. They understand that customer service is of utmost importance and doing everything they can to meet and exceed customer expectations. They have always provided me whatever I need to help our clients and are quick to respond to requests that either I, or the client may have. When you have partners like this, and people who put in the time and effort just like you do, it leads to successful results, and very happy customers. It’s great to know you have such a great partner who supports you in every way, as it allows you to help the customer. This is how we are able to help all of our customers to the best of all our abilities. There’s a reason they have been in business for 50 years – and more impressively, been extremely successful and respected for those 50 years.”

Steve Harwood, Silvercrest Homes |

Cindy my dream home got even more beautiful thanks to you!!!!

Mitch M. – Warner Springs, CA | July 15, 2019

We had a great experience at Ma Williams. Tony was very helpful, personable, and gave us plenty of information. We really like the Silver Crest brand!

Venesa & Albert H. – Redlands, CA |

Marie was very clear in explaining this process. We appreciate the help from Marie and enjoyed our visit!

Steve and Stacy D. – Barstow, CA |

I had a great experience at Ma Williams.  Lavon was wonderful.  I felt pressured at other sales centers and Lavon made me feel very comfortable.  She wasn’t pushy at all.

Vivian C. – Riverside, CA |

Lavon explained the process very clearly walked and me through it. Once I am ready I will definitely be returning to the Ma Williams sales center.

Pascual G. – Riverside County | July 11, 2019

Cindy has been wonderful to work with. She was very thorough and gave us all the information we need and the timeline it takes to get everything taken care of. We did look at a few places but we  like Cindy and will go with Ma Williams once we find land.

Jessica D. – Riverside County |

I called the sales center and spoke with Lavon over the phone. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I called wanting some pricing.

Joseph W. – Hemet, Ca |

Lavon has been great and answered any questions that we had.

Patsy S. – San Diego County |

Tony was very thorough and gave me plenty of information. I would rate him the highest score possible. I will be in contact with Tony as I need more information.

Randy N. – Norco, Ca |

I just stopped in for a short time. Marie was very nice and helpful.

Edith W. – Inland Empire |

Lavon was great. She was patient and very helpful. We did like Ma Williams and won’t be looking anywhere else.

Brianna M. – Riverside County |

We absolutely couldn’t be any happier with your home center. Tony was absolutely outstanding and answered every question that we had. In fact, you can use any of my comments in your marketing material. Tell others that we like your homes, as well as your staff enough that I’d travel from where we are to go back and purchase from Ma Williams. The people there, especially Tony, are so friendly, helpful and very professional. Again, Tony was outstanding, along with everyone we me on the visit!”

Sabrina L. – San Diego, Ca |

Ma Williams is at the top of my list. Marie was great at explaining the deposit process and everything else.

December C. – Lake Elsinore, Ca |

Lavon is very informative, we really enjoyed our visit!

Corey and Rachel W. – Menifee, Ca |

Tony did a fantastic job. He introduced us to the owner during the visit. Things have gone great so far. My husband and I are very happy with the Ma Williams sales center.

Scottie and Sherrie F. – Rancho Mirage, Ca |

Lavon:  Is the best! . . . We haven’t forgot about sending you pictures, house is beautiful.  Thanks again!

Patrick H. – San Diego, CA | June 17, 2019

I wish to thank Cindy for her time and effort on the intricacies of ADU with respect to manufactured and modular construction standards, as well and the new ADU laws recently enacted by the State. Ma Williams has an informative website which promoted me to visit Ma Williams in person. I am very glad to meet someone like Cindy. Thank you kindly.

Sean Y. – Inland Empire | June 13, 2019

Lavon was very helpful and did an excellent job. She has also been great with the follow ups.

Brittany W. |

I’d like to thank Tony for his kindness and all of the information he provided for me yesterday. I met with a few other dealers in the area and Ma Williams’ service goes above and beyond anyone else in this industry. You will definitely have my business!

Rochelle R. – La Mesa, Ca |

Lavon did an outstanding job. I would give her the highest score possible. She was beyond informative. If I do purchase a manufactured home, it will be from Ma Williams.

Steve J. |

Cindy was very personable!

Kurt T. – Escondido, Ca |

I am a realtor and have known about Ma Williams for some time. The company has a great reputation. I am now actually in the market for a modular home. Lavon has been beyond helpful. I feel confident that she will handle everything very well.

Taryn and Luke – Murrieta, Ca |

Cindy was very helpful. I left with several brochures that I will be looking over. I am very pleased with the service provided by Ma Williams.

Jennifer T. – Riverside County |

Some of my family members have done business with Ma Williams and had good experiences. I spoke with Tony over the phone, he was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. I will be in touch.

Jasmine T. – San Diego, Ca |

Marie was beyond professional. She answered all of our questions.

James and Jeff B. – Valley Center, Ca |

Tony  is at the top of my list so far. I was very pleased with the service I received at this sales center.

Erika G. – San Diego, Ca |

Lavon, we’d be in a pickle without you! You are the best! Thanks for all your hard work!

Kathleen D. – Riverside County | June 9, 2019

Lavon did an outstanding job! I would give her the highest score possible. She was beyond informative. If I purchase a manufactured home, it will be from Ma Williams.

Steven J. |

I was blown away by how informative and helpful Cindy was. I had visited another sales center before going to Ma Williams and wasn’t offered any information there.

Eric T. – San Diego County | May 30, 2019

I would give Tony an 11 on everything.  He answered all our questions. He did show us a double wide with 4 bedrooms that could be converted to a 5 bedrooms.  We will definitely be coming back to Ma Williams when it is time to move forward!

Mike B. – Hemet, Ca | May 23, 2019

Cindy was nice and she gave us a lot of information.

Mireya and Chris H. – Homeland, Ca |

I have spoken with Marie via phone, email, and in person, Marie has been more than helpful!

Addie B. – Palm Springs | May 22, 2019

Marie was very helpful and able to answer all of my questions. I appreciate all the help and time spent.

Jason H. – Newberry Springs, Ca | May 16, 2019

Cindy did a great job!  I liked what she had to offer me and I have not visited any others because of this.  I will definitely need some land to put the home on and I would like to speak with Cindy about some requirements that I have for a piece of property.

Michelle W. – Homeland, Ca |

I had a great experience speaking with Marie at Ma Williams!

Scott D. – Big Bear City, Ca |

The inquiry with Marie went great. I received tons of information. Marie has been fantastic.

Barbara M. – Riverside County | May 11, 2019

“I want to  establish a working relationship with Ma Williams and Tony.  The homes are definitely in our price range and  hope to  be able to start the buying process. Tony was a total professional and I look forward to working with him!

Brent R. – Riverside, CA | May 8, 2019

I had a wonderful experience at Ma Williams. Cindy was beyond helpful and very personable. Cindy gave us verbal estimates and a breakdown of everything. I really liked the four bedroom!

Vanessa G. – San Diego, CA |

Tony was great.  He was very nice and very knowledgeable.  He has emailed us all the information that we need. We were pleased with what we saw at Ma Williams and we thought the prices were very good.

Julie and Mike W. – Hemet, Ca | May 3, 2019

Cindy was very helpful, I received plenty of information. I will be furthering my inquiry with Cindy.

Martha R. – Encinitas, Ca | April 26, 2019

Tony, the salesperson I spoke with, was very informative. He was thorough without being pushy. He has sent a follow up email since the visit.

Millie P. – Murrieta, Ca |

Marie was very informative. She answered questions I didn’t even know I had. I appreciate all the info received from Marie and will be in contact again soon.

Michael M. – Sierra Dawn, Ca |

I am doing a business venture and I think Tony is the one I want to work with. I’ve been to 3 other places and Tony has been the only one to follow up with me and show compassion to what I want to do.

Gloria C. – Idyllwild, Ca |

I have been very impressed with the service provided from Lavon.  It has been far better than any other sales center she’s spoke with. Lavon has been sending me info via email.

Bethany L. – High Desert |

I spoke with Tony over the phone and by email. He doesn’t seem pushy at all. He’s been very informative and answered any questions I had.

Mrs. J. – Temecula, Ca |

Cindy was very personable!

James and JoEllen M. – Lomita, Ca |

Tony was great.  He was very nice and very knowledgeable.  He has emailed us all the information that we need. We were pleased with what we saw at Ma Williams and we thought the prices were very good, so I think we are happy working with Tony.

Julie W. – Temecula, Ca |

I really enjoyed my visit at Ma Williams. Cindy knew the models like the back of her hand. . She explained all to me very clearly.

Maria G. – Lake Elsinore, Ca |

I would like to say that Lavon was very warm to us and she answered every question that we had on the visit.

Jasmine M. – Riverside County |

Tony gave us the floor plan on a home we liked and explained all the things that we could change, if we wanted to make it even nicer.  We don’t have any land for the home, but Tony explained that they know someone who can help us with finding land, so that would not be a problem. We will definitely be back when we are ready to move forward on purchasing a home.

Nelson Family – San Diego, Ca |

I would rate Lavon an 11. Lavon was very helpful and friendly.

Lydia F. – Inland Empire |

We were more impressed with the service at Ma Williams. We like how this sales center offers land and home packages. They will need help finding land. We will be speaking to Cindy soon.

Gabriela and Christian P. – Nuevo, Ca |

The visit went great! Tony was very informative.

Dardell R. – Perris, Ca |

Cindy did a fantastic job! Everything was clearly explained.

Trace & Debra E. – Menifee, Ca |

I only spoke with Tony over the phone.  He was very professional and answered all my questions.

Steve M. – Perris, Ca |

I had a great experience at Ma Williams speaking with Cindy. She was able to answer my questions a lot better than at other sales centers I had inquired with. I will be speaking with Cindy again soon.

Todd and Carla H. – Running Springs, Ca |

Lavon was very nice and was pleasant.

Julie M. – Riverside County |

I would give Tony an 11 on everything.  He answered all our questions. We will definitely be coming back to Ma Williams when it is time to move forward!

Mike and Meghan B. – Riverside, CA |

My wife and I had a good experience while at Ma Williams. Marie did a great job. We received a follow up email after the visit.

Rusty and Curtis M. – Riverside County |

Cindy was very helpful! She answered all of my questions.

Martin G. – Escondido, Ca | April 25, 2019

Mr. Milyard said he and his wife had a good experience while at Ma Williams.  Marie did a great job. We received a follow up email after the visit.

Rusty & Curtis M. – Ranchito, Ca | April 24, 2019

I called and spoke to Cindy.   I have to say of all the places I contacted, every place was like dealing with a used  car lot, but not Ma Williams. They were totally professional and forthcoming. If I do decide to go this route, I will be going with Ma Williams.

Paul M. – Riverside, CA |

We really liked the quality of Ma Williams homes and Lavon’s presentation!

Ivan & Elizabeth S. – San Bernardino, CA | April 23, 2019

“We did stop in and Lavon was very helpful and informative.

Kathy M. – Riverside, CA | March 5, 2019

Lavon, Thank you for all this information and for your time today!  We appreciate it!

Annie Ray D. – San Diego, CA | March 4, 2019

We were very impressed with the service  received at Ma Williams. The Grand Manor really stood out to us. Tony explained the entire process and was extremely informative. We will definitely be doing business with Ma Williams.

Dustin & Jessica R. – Temecula, CA |

La Von has been wonderful. I would give her a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Susan & Chuck A. – Menifee, CA | February 19, 2019

I am very impressed with the service provided from Lavon – it has been far better than any other sales center I’ve spoke with.

Bethany L. – San Diego, Ca |

I want to say Lavon did a fantastic job! If we ever buy a manufactured home in the future, it will definitely be from Ma Williams.

Jim & Mary Ellen D. – San Diego, CA | February 18, 2019

Lavon, I love working with you! You are so prompt & I appreciate that!

Donna B. – San Diego, CA |

We visited Ma Williams originally a couple years ago when we were thinking of buying a manufactured home. Back then we wanted to see models and ask questions about the process. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. We walked away feeling satisfied with what we learned and were impressed with the models. Finally in 2018 we purchased a vacant lot and went back to Ma Williams to pick out a home. Starting from scratch with a vacant lot and looking at many models is a long process and can be very overwhelming, but Ma Williams has been so supportive and patient with us.  Tony has been readily available for any questions or concerns we have regarding the house plans as well as Jenean for the loan process. Thank you to all the staff at Ma Williams for helping us with our dream home!

Jorge and Catherine G. – Murrieta, CA | February 14, 2019

Tony represents your company in a most impressive manner. I called many companies without any introductions, referrals, or recommendations.  There is only one person that I spoke to who gave me an overall impression that this is someone who I wanted to invest my time with,”that was Tony!

Gerald L. – Riverside, CA | February 13, 2019

Lavon did a fantastic job. I couldn’t of asked for better service.

Emily & Jose P. – San Diego, CA |

La Von Watkins was very personable and she was able to give me all the information I needed.

Pat G. – Homeland, CA |

Me and my wife enjoyed our visit at Ma Williams. We are very pleased with the service we received from Lavon.

John & Katie H. – Menifee, Ca | February 11, 2019

We really liked the double wide models at Ma Williams, Marie did a good job, we enjoyed the visit.

Jeff & Ingrid B. – Riverside, CA |

Tony is very nice and helpful, I had a good experience.

Inci S. – Riverside, CA | January 29, 2019

Lavon did a great job and she explained everything clearly.

Polo A. – Perris, CA |

Come see Cindy, she is very professional and helpful!

Latonya & Melvin K. – Perris, CA |

I sincerely appreciate all of Cindy’s help through the process of answering every question I had. Cindy you are truly a pleasure to work with.

Brittney C. – Wildomar, CA | January 14, 2019

My husband and I inquired online and then we decided to stop by and see the homes in person. We were very surprised at how nice the homes at Ma Williams were. We were not expecting that. The service we received at Ma Williams was great!

Shaunda and Patrick B. – Cherry Valley, CA | December 21, 2018

The service we received from Ma Williams was great!

Kyle and Megan C. – El Cajon, CA | December 20, 2018

I had a great experience in dealing with Tony. He was very helpful and explained everything well.

Diana V. – Wildomar, CA |

I had a very good experience at the Ma Williams sales center. I have spoken with Cindy a couple times since the visit.

Natalie R. – Riverside, CA |

I had a good experience at Ma Williams. Marie was very professional and answered my questions. I appreciate the help.

Dave I. – Hemet, CA |

We had a good experience with Cindy!

Hector and Sylvia C. – Inland Empire |

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