Customer Quotes

“Although we decided against buying a new manufactured home, I wanted to give a shout out for Darcy!
She has that type of personality that naturally puts people at ease, she kindly and patiently explained our options, she never made us feel rushed or pressured, and she has a great sense of humor. great experience.”

Janet S. | June 3, 2024

“Out of all the manufactured home companies I’ve been to, Ma Williams has my vote because the salespeople at the other places weren’t as friendly and I like the way Ma Williams operates.”

Rafael M. |

“My experience there with Darcy was great! She was wonderful, she did a great job with everything…”

Laura H. | May 20, 2024

“I visited there in person and received great customer service from everyone. I loved the 2 bedrooms and 2-bath SW home I saw on your lot and I feel like that is the size home I’m looking for, although I would like it to have 2.5 baths…I loved that when I asked for prices, that you included the delivery and setup fees along with the price of the home. In fact, that is the main thing that makes me want to work with your company versus any others. I feel like you’re being forthcoming with information, and straightforward, and I like that.”

Michelle M. | May 17, 2024

“From the moment I stepped foot into your sales center, I’ve had nothing but a positive experience. Lavon was so helpful and informative and has been such a pleasure to work with…I plan to keep in touch with Lavon and continue to work with her on getting this VA loan approved and go forward from there.”

David J. |

“Out of all the manufactured home centers I’ve visited, I’m mostly interested in your homes. I really like how they handled things and how they conducted themselves during their sales event a couple of weeks ago. I will definitely be keeping in touch with your company as time goes on.”

Sacha D. |

“My wife and I visited there and spoke with Darcy. She was so helpful, professional, and knowledgeable about everything and we felt like we left there with a good understanding of how things work. We really liked how she just spoke with us and that she wasn’t like a pushy salesman. We aren’t sure if we want to go with a smaller home or a larger home so she gave us options for both routes along with pricing…Your sales center was the first one we went to and we enjoyed the experience so much that we don’t feel the need to go to any other home sales centers. We’re not sure of when we’ll be ready to purchase but when we do, we will definitely purchase from you.”

David and Yajaria H. | May 9, 2024

“We had an excellent visit when we stopped by there. The showroom was very nice and the saleswoman we had, Darcy, was very polite and knowledgeable, She helped us out a lot with some of the questions we had.”

Peter and Chad B. | April 25, 2024

“I was treated very respectfully by everyone at your sales center when I visited there. My salesperson [Darcy] answered all the questions I had and they gave me a lot of useful information.”

Angela A. and Daniel C. | April 18, 2024

“Although the other company, whose name doesn’t come to mind, has lower prices, I felt like your homes were made from the best quality materials and we’re at the top of my list. I really liked that you offered higher-end options such as granite. Although it’ll be a few years from now before I’ll be able to purchase, I will definitely be keeping your company in mind while planning for the future.”

Alexia L. | April 11, 2024

“I thought my visit there went fantastic! Darcy was very informative and helpful and she gave me a ton of information about how the process works. I currently own land with an existing home on it and I’m looking to place an ADU on it as soon as possible…I will be letting Ms. Darcy know so we can move forward with my plans.”

Maximo and Blanca G. |

“I was referred to you by my lender and decided to stop by for a visit. Ms. Darcy has done an amazing job with everything and has been great at following up with us. I am very much interested in your homes and I even found one in particular that I really liked.”

Tyler and Heidi K. |

“Lavon was wonderful. She was very informative and answered all our questions. She listened to what we wanted because it was a little offline and nailed it down perfectly. I would give her a 12 on everything.”

Bartell D. | April 8, 2024

“We found Ma Williams on Facebook and then called up to the sales center and spoke with Darcy. Darcy was great and she answered all the questions that we had. She also followed up with us several times.”

Guadalupe R. |

“…we had an excellent experience there with Darcy, who was very helpful…”

Robert and Natosha S. | March 18, 2024

“I was helping my nephew look for a home so I contacted your company to get more information. I spoke to Darcy who was extremely helpful and informative.”

Lashay B. | January 24, 2024

“After searching on my own for over a week for information pertaining to my zoning area, Lavon was able to find the exact information I had been looking for in under one minute. so I was blown away by that. She was so helpful and so nice to us and she filled me in on all the laws I was unaware of which was great.”

Kyle C. | January 9, 2024

“LaVon (Ms. Watkins) at Ma Willams is simply GREAT and THE BEST!
She will listen to you and work with you towards achieving your dream! She knows everything there is to know about manufactured houses, and if it so happens that she does not have an answer to your question, she calls her contacts (engineers, title companies, etc.) and finds an answer for you right on the spot. She is also VERY nice and easy/fun to talk to. She will take a very good care of you! At least, that’s been my experience with her!”

T.S. | January 2, 2024

“We were treated very well when we visited there and Mr. Tim has been great at following up with us after our visit. He’s done an excellent job with everything.”

Jordan R. |

“I have visited several other sales centers in the past and I wasn’t impressed with any of them. From their customer service to their homes, they just didn’t compare to you. When I get closer to being ready to make a move I will definitely reach back out to my saleswoman, Lavon, who I thought was very knowledgeable and did an amazing job. “

Veronica D. |

“We had a very pleasant experience with Ma Williams. After we finished the walk-through on the homes, Lavon was right there. Lavon was very attentive and answered all our questions. We left with a great deal of knowledge about the homes.”

Yessinia C. | November 20, 2023

“I had a wonderful visit there with Mrs. Watkins [ LA VON ] . She was very professional and helpful and answered all of my questions. I plan to place my current home for sale and would have to sell it before buying a new home, but I hope that’s sometime during the Spring of 2024.”

Daniel T. |

“I thought your sales associate [Lavon] was very knowledgeable and professional throughout our visit there so I would give my experience perfect scores.”

Kelly and Donna A. | November 19, 2023

“ She [Savanna] said that Darcy has done a great job in answering all her questions.”

Savannah K. |

“I had an amazing visit when I went there. I really loved how [Tim] explained everything to me in depth and how he’s followed up with me since my visit. At this time I’m really not sure what size home I want to purchase but if you call me back in about 3 months from now I’ll have a better idea of what I’m looking for. It is highly likely that I will purchase from you in the future…”

Lorena R. | October 3, 2023

“I started speaking to the salespeople at Ma Williams about buying a home 5 years ago. Since then, they have always been very helpful, informative, and professional. I mailed my deposit to Ma Williams for the Silver Crest BD 40/43 model today so we are moving forward with our purchase and are very excited about it. So far, we’ve had a very positive experience with Lavon and are pleased with the communication between ourselves and Ma Williams Homes.”

Dan M. |

“I had a wonderful experience when visiting your sales center and I learned a lot throughout the visit that I didn’t know beforehand. Darcy was an absolute delight. She took us all around the property showing us different models and she answered all of our questions.”

Debbie H. |

“I was driving by when I saw your sales center and decided to stop in for a visit. The saleswoman was so super friendly and welcoming. She was very forthcoming with information and professional. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit there with everyone and absolutely loved your homes. They’re exactly the type of home we’re looking for when we get ready to purchase 1 to 2 years from now.”

Destiny S. |

“My wife and I have been very pleased with the customer service we have received from everyone at your sales center, especially Ms. Lavon. She has been so helpful and my wife just adores her.”

Jeff Loftsgarden | August 8, 2023

“Thank you, Lavon, for being there for me and helping me navigate through this not-so-easy process of getting my dream property! I do appreciate your help, advice very much! Can’t say it enough!”

Tatsuya TS | July 19, 2023

“I had a great visit with Darcy when I stopped by one day. She was very nice and answered a lot of the questions I had. I loved that Darcy followed up with me because you really don’t get that a lot these days. I appreciated that and I will be reaching out to her when time permits me to do so.”

Eileen L. |

“I found a modular home I really liked on your website so I called and spoke to a salesman named Tim. I told him the exact floor plan I wanted and that I would like to do a few modifications to it. He went above and beyond contacting the manufacturer and trying to work that out with them but at the end of the day they just weren’t able to accommodate me. My only other option now is to build a custom home on my land. Even though things didn’t work out for me to buy from you, I think your customer service is far superior to your competition and I would highly recommend you to others.”

Errol C. |

“Darcy has been very helpful so far in sending me information about the homes and I look forward to visiting with her when time permits me to do so.”

Patricia R | May 30, 2023

Hi La Von, I haven’t decided if I’ll go manufactured or site built. Pro and cons to both, so trying to determine what’s the best fit for our needs. You were definitely the most helpful on the manufactured side!

Mr. Ream | May 16, 2023

Let Darcy know that she did awesomely. Gerald & Maricris 

Gerald & Maricris | April 7, 2023


“I had a great time there when I stopped in to look around and get an idea of what your homes looked like. I don’t have land and would love any help you have to offer in finding some available in Riverside. Once I obtain the land, I will then look at which 4-bedroom DW best fits my needs and think about the price a little more. I’m hoping to be in my new home in the next 3 to 6 months. “

Betsi G. | March 31, 2023

“”I was treated very well when I called in and spoke to Darcy. She was very kind and helpful.”   Jim W. in Moronga

Jim W. | March 24, 2023

Lavon has done a very good job

Mr. M | March 8, 2023

Lavon has been fantastic! She is super knowledgeable

Mrs. Buitrago |

Lavon was great and full of information

Mr. Jimenez |

“Darcy did good and was knowledgeable” Jennifer A.

Jennifer A. | February 24, 2023

 Andrew is so knowledgeable and friendly, a winning combo for sure.  We were both impressed with the quality of the manufactured homes he showed us. 

R. & D. Kneale | February 23, 2023

“I talked and texted with Darcy and she did great!” 

Jamie L. | January 7, 2023

“Lavon was great! She is friendly, and helpful and answered all our questions. She also gave us a lot of good information.”

Michael O. – Park | November 29, 2022

“Lavon has been fantastic! She is super knowledgeable.”

Mrs. Buitrago | November 10, 2022

“Lavon did great! I was very impressed with her.”


“I never take these kinds of phone calls but, Lavon did such a great job I wanted them to know.”

Matt C., Aguanga |

“Lavon did an amazing job!”

RaeAnn R., Hemet |

“Lavon did a wonderful job! I even was introduced to the owners. They were nice as well.”

Eric W., Aguanga | November 2, 2022

“Lavon has done a great job! She does what I need her to do!”

Brandon Webster, Temecula | October 19, 2022

We had visited several sales centers before Ma Williams. They did not take time with us like Marie did unless we put money down. Marie was very helpful and gave us a lot of details. We enjoyed being able to walk around and look at the different units.

Jesse & Natalie Neihart, Norco | February 1, 2021

We were just in there Saturday and Marie did a great job!”

Erin Caley, Riverside County |

Marie was great and answered all my questions. She gave me some pricing and I told her I was not ready for that. So she gave me some ideas on what I need to do. I will check back with Marie in the next year or two.

Alex Lozano, Riverside County |

Great place! Clean and has a lot of options for home buying. Tony helped us, answered major questions we had like getting started, styles, and finance options. He’s the best, definitely would recommend if interested in a manufactured home, go here!

Nick J. – Riverside County | August 21, 2020

I spoke with Lavon, she did an amazing job. She gave me information that I didn’t find anywhere else. You need to give her a raise, she provided top notch service. I will definitely check back in with Ma Williams.”

KJ L. – Riverside County | March 31, 2020

We were very impressed with what we saw on the website and decided to schedule an appointment. Lavon was very helpful and personable. Lavon explained the process with detail.

Jerry & Tracy – Riverside County, CA | March 25, 2020

Cindy has been great, very helpful. We really liked the product at Ma’ Williams and the service was fantastic. Hoping to move things forward soon.

Kyle & Charlene K. – Yucaipa, CA | March 19, 2020

We enjoyed speaking with Marie at the sales center. Marie was very helpful, we received all the information with detail that we needed.

Richard & Denielle M. – Phelan, CA |

Ma Williams is the best by far. Lavon has been great about following up, but not in a pushy way, I appreciate how well Lavon listens and gets me the exact information needed.  I recommend  Ma Williams sales center all the time, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.

Lydia S. – Riverside, CA | March 4, 2020

I appreciate all of your help.  My husband and I are set with going through you to purchase our home.  The other retailers were not nearly as helpful or welcoming.  May and Marvin R.

May and Marvin R. – San Diego, CA | March 1, 2020

LaVon has been wonderful, I give her a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Susan & Chuck A. – Menifee, CA. | January 28, 2020

Cindy  gave us general information we wanted, I enjoyed the visit and speaking with Cindy. This is the only manufactured home company we are considering at this time!

Janet C. – Lake Riverside Estates, Ca | December 30, 2019

I am in the process of purchasing a home from Ma Williams, Tony has been very helpful, things are going well so far!

Leroy L. – Riverside, CA. |

Lavon is doing an excellent job and we are very happy with the service!

Deborah O. – Riverside, CA. |

I really enjoyed my visit at Ma Williams. Cindy seemed to really know what she’s talking about.  Ma Williams is the only company I’ve really inquired with, the service was great!

Nathan & Celeste D. – Riverside, CA. |

Wendy answered all my questions clearly!

Darline C. – Cathedral City CA. |

We are working on our land deal, Lavon is excellent, we plan on buying a Silvercrest!

Tracy and Jerry H. – Lake Mathews |

I have already put down the $500 deposit with Ma Williams. Marie was very personable and provided the information needed. The ball is now in my court. I plan to keep in contact with Marie as things get figured out.

Rick K. – Lake Mathews, Ca | December 7, 2019

I will more than likely go with a manufactured home. My family has lived in this area for the past forty years. I’ve known about Ma Williams for a while. Tony was very informative, I really enjoyed the visit.

Jane C. – Hemet, Ca |

The visit at Ma Williams went very well. I enjoyed speaking with Cindy, she was very personable.

Bob S. – Temecula, Ca | November 30, 2019

I would give Tony an 11 on everything.  He answered all our questions.  What I really liked about your homes is that you don’t have any sharp corners in the homes.  They all have rounded corners, so they don’t look like an apartment to me.  We have visited a lot of other sales centers, but we didn’t like what we saw at them.  We will definitely be coming back to Ma Williams when it is time to move forward!

Megan and Mike B. – Hemet, Ca |

Wendy was very nice, I enjoyed the visit. I had inquired with other dealers prior to Ma Williams. I feel that Ma Williams would be a more trustworthy company. I had a better feeling at this sales center than I did elsewhere. Wendy explained that there will be different costs involved. I would like to do a land and home package.

Lynda S. – Fallbrook, Ca |

I have inquired with three different sales centers and I feel pretty confident that Ma Williams will earn my business. Lavon has been very helpful and things are going very well thus far.

Dave L. – San Diego County |

The inquiry with Cindy went great! I was given a lot of useful information. I really liked the models as well. I will definitely keep in contact with Cindy as I decide what direction works best for me.

Shandell M. – San Jacinto, Ca |

Wendy was very nice and answered all of my questions.

Alfred E. – San Diego County | November 22, 2019

I am doing a business venture and I think Tony is the one I want to work with. I’ve been to 3 other places and Tony has been the only one to follow up with me and show compassion to what I want to do. I plan to go see Tony sometime next week.

Gloria C. – Idylwild, Ca |

Marie was more than helpful. I really liked one of the models we walked through. Marie explained everything clearly. I’m looking forward to furthering this process.

Gloria H. – Hemet, Ca | November 21, 2019

Wendy was very helpful and professional.

Jim R. – Twenty Nine Palms |

Cindy is very personable and I’m looking forward to viewing the models.

Sandra C. – Riverside, CA. | November 13, 2019

The service provided by Ma Williams was fantastic! I would recommend this sales center.

Tammy B. – Winchester, Ca | November 8, 2019

We want to thank Tony for working with us.  Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we had hoped. Thanks again for all your help.

Mike and Kathy T. – La Mesa, Ca |

If there were 10 stars possible for rating, Lavon would get it! Best ever salesperson and dealership. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable in helping us choose our NEW home!!

Barbara D. – San Diego, Ca |

Your sales consultant Cindy is fantastic! She answered everything we had the first time we were there. Today she fulfilled it more with the answers we wanted to hear. Cindy must be considered a REAL VALUABLE member of your team!

Russ M. – Pinon Hills, Ca |

Tony was very friendly and explained the process clearly to me.

Ricardo A. – San Jacinto, Ca |

So far I have been very pleased with the service I’ve received from Lavon. I spoke with her over the phone and then received an email containing requested information. The ball is now in her court. I told Lavon that I will get back with her as soon as I get a chance to go over everything.

Jacqui T. – San Diego County |

Tony is excellent! He sent me layouts on some of the homes and really has followed up with me.

Linda and Mike P. – Hemet, Ca |

I absolutely loved a model at Ma Williams that Wendy showed me. It is the ideal home for me.  Wendy was very nice and informative

Mary L. – Riverside, Ca |

I was just calling for information. I spoke to Cindy and she was very nice and helpful.

Marco G. – San Diego County |

I really enjoyed the inquiry at the Ma Williams sales center. I am in the market for a double wide. Lavon was very helpful, I’ve spoke with her since the visit. I will be in contact with Lavon as things progress.

Billy T. – Perris, Ca |

My salesperson Tony at Ma Williams was very informative. He mentioned to me that he may need help finding land. The sales center was very nice. I left with the necessary information I was looking for.

Henry L. – Hemet, Ca |

Thank you so much for your time and kindness La Von.

Kim C. – Ridgecrest, Ca |

Cindy was very nice and answered all of our questions.

Cameron and Erica T. – Riverside County |

My wife and I are currently living in Maryland, Lavon was very helpful, I would give her a 10! I hope to accomplish this by next Spring! Current home is a 1975 model that needs to be removed and replaced!

John and Gail M. – Riverside, CA | October 30, 2019

My husband and I drove from San Diego to Hemet. “So worth the drive”, I was not disappointed at all! Their homes are beautiful, walked into first displayed home and it did not feel like we were in a manufactured home. Tony was extremely helpful, gave us a lot of good information, Tony was understanding and patient. I did not feel pressured or rushed into anything!

Viviana A. – San Diego, CA |

My daughter in laws and I went to two other sales centers before visiting Ma Williams. We had terrible experiences, we were actually referred from there to Ma Williams. Marie was very personable and also helpful. My daughter in laws are in the market for new homes. However if it was up to me, I would definitely do business with Ma Williams. We haven’t decided on a particular floor plan. We all really enjoyed the experience with Ma Williams.

Susan M. – El Cajon |

I already have a double wide model picked out at Ma Williams. Once my current home sells, I will be ordering a home from Lavon. My girlfriend and I sat down with Lavon and picked everything out. I am very pleased with the service I received at Ma Williams.

Jon F. – Riverside, CA |

I am a builder and was very impressed with how informative Cindy was on this process. Cindy explained things that I was unaware of. I am in the market for a modular home. Once land is finalized, I will be visiting the Ma Williams sales center and speaking with Cindy in person.

Kathryn R. – Gavilan Hills, Ca |

My family members have done business with Ma Williams and had good experiences. I spoke with Tony over the phone,Tony was extremely helpful, and answered all my questions. I have his contact info and will be in touch as we start to set plans in action.

Jasmine T. – Palm Springs, CA |

Marie was very helpful and he appreciated how she clearly explained the process detail for detail. We had inquired with another sales center and left confused. We would love to purchase a doublewide from Ma Williams. Marie has sent even more information since the initial inquiry.

Luis and Stephanie M. – Romoland, Ca | October 10, 2019

I took an application home from Ma Williams. Lavon was very nice and answered my questions.

Amanda C. – San Diego County |

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