Ma Williams Shares the Love –and the Savings! This Valentine’s Month

In February love is in the air, and while we love our customers every day of the year, we wanted to do something extra special for all of you in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Come in and see us, and if you choose one of our beautiful manufactured homes, we’ll remove the 5% contingency fee from our pricing. On a $200,000 home, your savings would be $10,000; that’s enough to buy new furniture for your new home, or to take a vacation while the expert craftsman get your home ready for moving in.

But don’t stay away too long on that trip, because here is some more good news: The factory build time that had increased due to the pandemic and other factors has returned to pre-COVID schedules. That means the home you purchase today could be completed in as little as three months.

So much to love about beginning your journey into your new dream home! A faster build at a lower cost, but with the same quality manufacturing from award-winning manufactured home builders, and the above-and-beyond customer service that has made Ma Williams one of the top names in this industry for more than 50 years.

Whether you’re a young couple looking to move out of an apartment and into a home of your own, an empty nester looking to downsize; or whether you need to move closer to the big city or out into the country; or if you’re just someone who wants a great home but doesn’t want to pay all of the extra costs associated with site-built construction, there has never been a better time to stop in for a visit.

How much can you save over those other kinds of homes? The difference may be up to 10-35% less per square foot. That’s a huge difference, especially here in California. And now, with the contingency fee waived, you can add another 5% in savings. Do you feel the love yet?

Ready to take the next step or have any additional questions? Our team is ready to help you get started towards finding the best home for your beloved family.

Contact Us.