Meet Danny Saldana – The Realtor Who Will Help You Find the Right Site For Your Manufactured Home

When our customers need assistance finding a site for their manufactured homes, we refer them to Danny Saldana. His company, Realty Executives, has more than 50 years of industry experience and a legacy of satisfied clients.

One of the reasons our land/home packages are so popular is how, with Danny’s expertise, we can streamline the process of finding a site alongside the process of choosing a home. We are pleased to introduce you to him, and let him explain how he works with our customers to locate the perfect place for their dream home.

How long have you been working with Ma Williams?

DANNY SALDANA: I’ve been with Ma Williams about three years.

What services do you provide to the company and its customers?

DANNY: When Ma Williams refers a customer to me I help him or her on land search.

That process starts with listening to their requirements and their wish lists, which could include what city they want to live in, whether they want a rural setting or to be amongst other homes, things like that. And then my job is to help them get the things they want, and also to try and find properties that have utilities close, that don’t require too much grading, and that keep the site improvement costs where they need to be.

What is the land market like now for sites that can be used for manufactured homes?

The market is good. There is a lot of land out there. But there are not a lot of land loans out there right now. Where Ma Williams customers have an added advantage is with the Ma Williams land loan program, which offers a good alternative. Sellers like that we have that program.

Are there still challenges with zoning or other restrictions on where these homes can be built?

As far as zoning it’s not an issue, because manufactured homes are just like any other type of home now. There are no restrictions in any city and county in California. The only thing we might run into is if there’s an open space issue, or if there’s natural waterways that run through a property, so we do look out for situations like that.

How long does the process of finding a site usually take?

That’s a hard one, because it really depends on where the client is looking. If they want a specific city, or even a specific area then it could take a little longer. But we try to take care of this as quickly as possible, so Ma Williams can move forward with the rest of the home buying process.

What do you like most about working with Ma Williams and its customers?

Ma Williams is a family business. I used to be with a family business so I understand those dynamics. They have a great staff – everyone fits in perfectly. I’ve always felt that whenever I needed anything or have questions, Dennis and Kelly and all of them are just fantastic with getting back to me and providing that information. So even though I work for a separate real estate company, I do feel like part of the Ma Williams team. The customer gets that same service from all of us. It’s a huge plus, and I think our clients really appreciate that.

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